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YouTube star and 'dating guru' Kevin Samuels dies aged 57 after having 'chest pains'

YouTuber and ‘dating guru’ Kevin Samuels has died aged 57 after suffering from ‘chest pain’, reports say.

Police were called to the Residence Buckhead Atlanta, a luxury apartment complex, after a 911 caller — later identified as Ortensia Alcantara, 32 — reported an “injured person.”

When Atlanta police officer Joel Figuereo arrived at the residence, an ambulance worker was observed to be “performing CPR on a black man” who was “unresponsive on the floor of his apartment.” Alcantara later identified the male as Samuels.

Alcantara, a nurse, told police she had met Samuels the night before and “slept with him.”

Early in the morning, Samuels reportedly developed chest pains and “tried to help him…but he fell on top of her.”

She asked for a defibrillator at the front desk to “Mr. Samuels to respond until… [EMS] arrived.’ He was transferred to Piedmont Hospital, where he died.

YouTuber Kevin Samuels, 57, died Thursday in Atlanta after reportedly experiencing ‘chest pain’

Atlanta police said Ortensia Alcantara, 32, a nurse, called 911 and reported an

Atlanta police said Ortensia Alcantara, 32, a nurse, called 911 and reported an “injured person.” She had reportedly already asked at the front desk for a defibrillator to keep him alive until emergency services arrived and took him to Piedmont Hospital.

Samuels mother, Beverly Samuels-Burch, told: NBC News she found out her son had passed away after seeing it on social media.

“That was terrible for social media to bring that out. I didn’t even know,” she told NBC News on Friday.

‘I wasn’t even notified. All I do is ask people to pray for us.” She declined to release more details about her son’s death.

Samuels, who had 1.42 million YouTube subscribers and nearly as many Instagram followers, was best known for his controversial dating advice.

He was recently spanked for calling unmarried women over 35 “leftovers” and saying there was “something wrong” with them.

He claimed in a video last week that the Chinese government “previously referred to unmarried women over 27” as “leftovers” and 35 was the US “equivalent.”


The “relationship guru” was known for being controversial and often described as misogynistic and toxic. He recently got heat after calling unmarried women over 35 ‘leftovers’ and saying ‘men know there’s probably something wrong with you’

“If you make it to 35 and you’re unmarried, then you’re a leftover woman,” he said in a video. “You are what’s left. Men know there’s probably something wrong with you.’

Samuels, estimated to be worth $4 million, said it was ‘meant to rent out’ [women] know where you are in the market,” he said, a metal model of a woman’s torso in the background.

He also said that “not all women can have men” and suggests that women “share them.”

He also angered the viewer after judging women on their appearance and dress size. He even rated singer Saweetie with an ‘adjustable six’.

“She can go from cute to beautiful,” he told Joe Budden on his podcast. Many said his dating advice was sexist and toxic, NBC News reported.

After his death, journalist Ernest Owens said: “Kevin Samuels has made a career of shamelessly disgracing black women for profit.

He encouraged the most toxic individuals to project tired and harmful stories about black women.

‘Dead or alive, what a shameful life to live. That’s all I have for that misogynist.’

Musician Jean Deaux tweeted: ‘What did Kevin Samuels die of? 56 and unmarried.’

He was found in his luxury Atlanta apartment (pictured), where EMS performed CPR before taking him to the hospital

He was found in his luxury Atlanta apartment (pictured), where EMS performed CPR before taking him to the hospital

Samuels also appeared in a Future video entitled: Healing Together with Dr. Kevin Samuels (Worst Day Official Video Trailer), which debuted on February 8. The couple discussed how much money the rapper spent on women.

He also proclaimed himself an “image consultant” and offered services exclusively to men “who want an upgrade in their appearance.” His services include shopping, grooming and helping “great guys look and feel their best,” according to his website.

Longtime friend Melanie King said he got ‘family confirmation’ about his death, The hill reported, saying his funeral could possibly be in Oklahoma City.