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Your Guide To Choosing And Maintaining Kitchen Taps

The tap in your kitchen is the hardest working of all plumbing fixtures installed in your home. Therefore, you must consider picking only high-quality kitchen taps. Also, they should be appealing enough to contribute to the overall aesthetic appeal of your kitchen. Besides choosing and installing quality kitchen taps in London, you should know how to make them last longer. Here we offer some helpful information on how you should choose the best kitchen taps and how you can maintain them for years.

Choosing The Right Kitchen Tap


To choose an ideal kitchen tap in terms of quality, functionality, and aesthetic appeal, you should consider the following points:


  • Material: 

The choice of material is the most important, for it has very much to do with the durability and longevity of the kitchen taps that you pick. Some materials are classy to look at; others are incredibly sturdy, while some other tap materials are a perfect combination of these sought-after qualities. Therefore, you should try and pick the perfect combination while choosing kitchen taps London. The most popular and reliable materials are stainless steel, bronze, polished chrome, and satin nickel. Yet another factor that you must consider while choosing tap material is how easy it is to clean and maintain. 

  • Category: 

The two categories of kitchen taps that you get to choose from are the single-handle and double-handle taps. The single handle ones control the water flow and temperature with just one handle, while the double-handle taps use two handles for the same task. The former ones are more practical and easy to use, for they have one handle. They look modern and sleek and so end up adding to the kitchen’s overall appeal. However, these taps wear down quicker than the double-handle ones.

  • Water-Saving Taps: 

If you are an eco-friendly person and want to do your bit to save water, you can choose a water-saving kitchen tap for your home. The best thing is that you can easily get such taps, for some leading brands and tap suppliers are rolling out these environmentally friendly kitchen taps. You can be sure of their high quality and take pride in knowing that no more water would be wasted in your kitchen. They can help you cut your water consumption by nearly 60%, which is tremendous.

  • Size and Holes: 

Kitchen taps come in different sizes and are built with a different number of holes. To make sure that you choose the perfect size, you need to consider the size and shape of the sink and the entire kitchen. As far as the choice of the size and number of tap holes is concerned, taking the water pressure system of your kitchen into consideration is essential. Once you know all the answers, selecting a kitchen tap of the right size, height, and reach becomes much more accessible.

  • Be Aware of the Latest Trends: 

New things keep emerging because of frequent innovations and advancements. Therefore, ensure that you are well aware of the recent kitchen tap trends before shopping for one. 


How To Maintain Your Kitchen Tap?


Sometimes people just don’t pay attention to faucet maintenance until it develops some severe problem. However, one can keep such problems at bay with regular care and maintenance of the kitchen taps in London.


  • Daily Maintenance: 

To invest a little more time and effort now is way better than spending a lot of it later on mending. If you provide little care to your kitchen faucet every day, it won’t ever reach a condition that requires hours and expensive repair. You can clean the tap and aerator every morning or night as a preventive measure.

  • Cleaning and Deposit Removal: 

Everyday faucet cleaning is easy, as it just takes a damp cloth and mild cleanser. However, the tap requires deep cleaning if it has those ugly marks of deposits all over. It is because of the hard water that leaves lime deposits on taps. Deposits can be tricky and stubborn, but you can deal with them with a mildly abrasive scrub. Don’t forget to consider your faucet’s finish before choosing a cleaner or scrub.

  • Aerator Replacement: 

The aerators of the kitchen tap London also attract mineral and debris buildup just as the outside of the tap. When you notice that the buildup isn’t going despite proper cleaning, then it is time that you get it replaced. Don’t make the mistake of waiting for too long after noticing this, as it would only deteriorate your faucet’s health. Cleaning aerators is easy, and the new ones are inexpensive and readily available in the market. 


Kitchen taps should be bought with a few things in mind, as the choice must be apt. High-quality kitchen taps can be maintained for a very long time with proper and regular maintenance.