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Xiaomi will offer three major Android updates (and four years of security patches) on its new Xiaomi 11T

Next week we have an appointment with Xiaomi. If everything goes as expected, the Chinese company will present the new Xiaomi 11T and 11T Pro, its new high-end mobiles. These have been leaking little by little, but now we have official information related to the software. With updates to it, to be exact.

And it is that Xiaomi has announced that it will offer “three operating system updates and four years of security patches“in its new Mi 11T series. That, in other words, means that the Xiaomi 11T should get to update to Android 14 (On the basis that they come out with Android 11, something that would be normal).

For now, only the Xiaomi 11T

Although it is good news that Xiaomi’s next high-end devices will have a longer useful life, the truth is that it is not known for sure what will happen to all the devices the company has released so far, which are not few.

The firm assures that “other devices are not included at this time”, although it believes that “this reflects a positive change” and that it is a measure “aimed at the needs of users of the Xiaomi 11T series”. However, Xiaomi claims that will evaluate the possibility of bringing this policy to more devices. In the words of Albert Shan, Head of Product and Technology at Xiaomi International:

“It is not an easy task for Xiaomi and its team to provide system updates and security patches to all its previous smartphone models. However, the prospect of this challenge and meeting the wishes of our customers is exciting. On the one hand, We are once again fulfilling Xiaomi’s brand promise to its users around the world: to offer incredible products. On the other hand, gradually extending the life cycle of Xiaomi smartphones is a progressive move that further the goals of sustainability and responsibility. Xiaomi Environmental “.


In other words, it will be time to wait to see if the latest models are finally updated three times or not. In any case, it is good news that Xiaomi’s next high-end will be updated for a longer time.

Xiaomi is not the only company that bets on increase the life cycle of your terminals. Samsung was the first to announce that its phones will receive three major updates and then Vivo, OPPO, OnePlus, Google, LG and Nokia were added.

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