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Xiaomi Smart Glasses: the brand already has its prototype of smart glasses with a microLED screen and independent of the mobile

It seems that electronic or “smart” glasses are now experiencing a renaissance after previous attempts such as Google Glass or Huawei, without for now having become something as common as a smart watch. The last ones have been las Xiaomi Smart Glasses, which group together several of the functions that we usually use on a smartphone.

Specifically those of show messages and notifications, make phone calls, browse, take photos and translate text. All this in glasses that do not seem to differ much in appearance from conventional ones.

Independence and shine, a lot of shine

We say about the rebirth because Xiaomi Smart Glasses arrive very shortly after those of Facebook or those of Razer. Each one presents a different style, although they share the form factor (almost obvious), the placement of the cameras and some common function.

Speaking of Xiaomi, it is about an independent prototype of the mobile that has the content that we mentioned in the intro on a microLED screen integrated in one of the lenses. That is, if we look at a text with them and we command them to translate by voice, the Smart Glasses show the translated text in the style of Google Lens.

Xiaomi Glasses 02Xiaomi Glasses 02

They weigh 51 grams and integrate up to 497 components in a fairly compact construction in appearance. Among them are a quad-core ARM processor, camera, speakers and microphone, running on Android as a platform.

Regarding the integrated screen, it is a 0.13 inch monochrome panel with this 2.4 x 2.02 millimeter microLED technology (about the size of a grain of rice, coincidentally), with 4 μm pixels. Xiaomi takes his chest saying that the maximum brightness is 2 million nits, which should be much more than enough so that sunlight was not a problem considering that the most standard mobiles and monitors in this sense are at about 400 nits.

This is what nits are for: comparison of mobile screens in full summer sun

As shown, the interaction with the Smart Glasses is done through voice commands and touches on the pins. The integrated camera has a 5 megapixel sensor and has Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity

Xiaomi MicroledXiaomi Microled

For now, as we have commented before, Xiaomi smart glasses they are something conceptual. It is not a product in production and for sale, without the manufacturer having given details about it either. So we will have to wait and see when Xiaomi enters this market to compete with the few who have dared so far. Precisely tomorrow there is a Xiaomi event, but it seems that it will focus on new mobiles.

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