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Xiaomi 11T: follow the presentation live and on video with us

Today is Xiaomi’s big day. If yesterday Apple was the main protagonist when presenting the iPhone 13 and 13 Pro, today the Chinese firm fights back with the launch of its new Xiaomi 11T. And no, we have not forgotten the “Me”. Xiaomi speaks of “Series”, so the most normal thing is that they present, at least, two smartphones, but whatever it may be, today we will get rid of doubts

And it is that in Engadget we will be commenting on the live presentation event. You can follow him with us on our YouTube channel, at our Twitter profile @xataka and on our direct page. Schedules according to regions are as follows:

  • Spain: 14:00 (13:00 in the Canary Islands)
  • Mexico, Ecuador, Colombia, Cuba: 7:00 AM.
  • Venezuela: 8:00 AM.
  • Chile, Argentina: 9:00 AM.

What we hope to see

As we said before, Xiaomi talks about Xiaomi 11T Series, so it is most likely that we will see several terminals. In addition, Xiaomi has said on its social networks that the Lite is back it is included mention has been made of a Pro model. White and bottled, you might say. What do we expect from them? Except for surprises, let them be high-end mobiles and, by the motto of the event (magic, cinema), that they are very focused on video recording.

Little else we know so far. It is not known if Xiaomi will bring some of the devices that it presented a few weeks ago, such as the Xiaomi MIX 4 or the Xiaomi Pad 5, if we will see new headphones or, why not, a new wearable. Maybe they will show the prototype of augmented reality glasses that they announced this week? We’ll be alert. Let’s remember: the event will start at 14:00, Spanish peninsular time. We hope you will follow it with us!

Live | Follow the presentation of the Xiaomi 11T Series live