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Worst Productivity Killers You Must Avoid

Worst Productivity Killers

No matter what your profession is, you may be a businessman or a freelancer or a job person. A good productive mindset and strong time management skills are all you want. But sometimes we make some wrong choices in our daily lives that destroy our productivity game like nothing else.

In this article, we’ll talk about those top 4 worst productivity killer habits that harm our time management skills.

Let’s get started,

Lack of sleep:

When it comes to maintaining your daily productivity, the first and most important thing here is mood. To keep a good and refreshing mood, healthy mental health is equally important. There is so much scientific evidence and studies have shown that a person’s sleep cycle is very important when it comes to maintaining good mental health.

On average, a healthy person should sleep at least for 6 hours a day. But when it comes to babies or old men, it’ll change a little bit lower or higher. A person’s sleep cycle can say a lot about him. So never ever ignore the importance of your sleep.

Poor food choices:

Well, when doctors and nutritionists say “you’re what you eat”, they mean a lot. The food you consume daily has the biggest impact on your physical and mental health also. People who eat lots of unhealthy and junk foods every day are more prone to gain weight and lethargy as well.

It’ll slow down your brain cells and add lots of unhealthy fats to your body. Junk foods like pizza, burgers, fries can be responsible for bad cholesterol in your heart. For a longer period of time, junk food addiction can actually cause your lack of enthusiasm and bad health.

Bad phone habits:

If you want to improve your productivity game, then stop phone addiction. In today’s world, social media has taken over almost everything. No matter who you are and what your profession is, being active on social media is very important for everybody.

But everything has both positive and negative sides. If you’re a person who just took his phone just to scroll a little bit but ended up spending 1 an hour on socu=ial media, then that can be serious. Social media shouldn’t be your main priority before your work.

Not getting enough rest:

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t want free time. Laying on your couch watching Netflix and chill, that’s the most desirable life everyone needs. But sometimes the pressure of career and personal life makes it almost close to impossible. So many people these days can rarely enjoy their free time by themselves because of their hard routines.

Often they forget to take enough rest and that isn’t good for you. Many studies and researches have shown that lack of happiness and enthusiasm is the main thing that can destroy your productivity. Don’t keep aside your happiness too much. No matter how hard your time is, no matter how long your daily schedule is, never ever forget to spend some good time after day.

These major reasons can easily kill your productivity and time. Stop making these mistakes to improve your day to day life productivity.

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