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With more than 3000 buildings, this ‘Minecraft’ city rivals the projects to replicate Middle Earth or Westeros

The work of setting up cities or colossal terrains in ‘Minecraft’ has already abounded since its launch in 2009, when players realized that wandering their procedural worlds was just part of the fun. Then came the amateur architects who have replicated environments from different works of fiction, or have created, with very different sources of inspiration, their own constructions.

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Creative mode, which allows the player to fly, get the most out of the game engine, and gives them the ability not to worry about the energy bars of Survival mode, is the place chosen by these players more interested in construction than in resistance challenges. They are the ones who have built scenarios such as Kingdoms Of Greymane, which took seven years to complete, the Night City of ‘Cyberpunk 2077’, fantasy worlds such as Westeros or Middle-earth (huge works that are still unfinished) or even their own planet Earth at 1: 1 scale.

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To stand up to them comes the spectacular city of Lithonia, a fictional construction with an extension of 900×900 blocks and more than 3000 buildings with their corresponding interiors. This is the most ambitious project undertaken by the Varuna studio, which is not a group of amateurs stacking blocks in their spare time, but a company that is professionally dedicated to it: 44 architects, developers and other technicians from 14 countries work at Varuna. and they have given birth to constructions for companies like Microsoft.

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Screenshot 2021 08 31 A To S 13 23 12

Varuna’s other previous projects include things like the dark gothic city of Nomport, the space for the Zulu Republic music festival, a spectacular tower inspired by Rapunzel’s, or a hub for Pixelmon, a mod project for Minecraft based on it. Pokémon universe that ended up closing due to rights infringement. Lithonia, however, is the most ambitious and extensive construction in Varuna, with more than forty in your wallet.

A walk through Lithonia

The city has taken three months and more than a thousand hours to be planned and built. All the streets and interiors of the buildings have also been constructed and the great city is built around three great towers that protect all of the invaders. Within the city, the most important building is the town hall, which includes a space that functions as a courtroom, as well as five additional rooms.

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The construction problem? It is absolutely private. Although the city of Lithonia is extensively documented in the graphic on the Varuna website and It includes virtual renderings of the town hall to visit its interior areas, it was commissioned by a private client. So for now, you won’t find the streets of Lithonia on servers like Togethercraft, where fan builds abound. A pity, but as in any real exotic country that is not within reach of our pocket, we will have to settle for postcards.