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Windows 11 is much more than sheet metal and paint: it is pure strategy for the future of Microsoft (Podcast Clear the X # 157)

Some may think that launching Windows 11 doesn’t make much sense: This is mostly a Windows 10 with sheet metal and paint, and although it brings improvements in other areas, it seems as if Microsoft had other reasons to decide to take that leap in version number.

That is precisely what we believe: that there were powerful reasons that have allowed Microsoft to make that decision and launch a Windows 11 that puts the focus of attention back on the Windows division.

To talk about these reasons we have today in ‘Despeja la X’ Antonio Ansamor (@ansamor), editor in Genbeta and Engadget, already a server, Javier Pastor (@javipas), also editor in this house. The production is as always in charge of Saints Araújo (@santiaraujo).

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The pandemic (probably) changed everything

It seemed like Windows 10 was going to be the ultimate operating system, one that was simply updated every six months and gradually improved. The COVID-19 pandemic was undoubtedly the trigger for a paradigm shift: The PC became important again with the rise of telecommuting, and perhaps because of this Microsoft wanted to take advantage of the opportunities.

Which? Many. For example, stop rivals such as Linux or Apple and continue to offer a modern system –there the visual change was important– and competent who also gets along better than ever with Linux and Open Source.

It was also an unbeatable occasion to reactivate the sale of PCs and laptops that was already exceptional due to the pandemic. The new requirements are exceptional for a Microsoft that now seems to want ditch some old tech and look ahead.

They also open new options for Microsoft Store, Microsoft’s application and game store, which has never been successful but has now opened its doors to developers and users in very interesting ways.

The truth is that Microsoft seems to have converted Windows 11 into a fundamental part of its strategy. One that was especially focused on cloud and services, but now has this new operating system as a “concentrator” or “hub” of that ecosystem in which platforms such as Office 365 or Xbox Game Pass will of course be fundamental components.

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