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Windows 11 comes with a new version of Photos, the application that changes its look and adds a carousel to navigate through the photo library

Windows 11 will be available on October 5 in its final version, but the development of this operating system continues its progress and so does the renewal of its native applications.

The last to undergo major changes is Photos, which comes with a cleaner and clearer interface and which, among other things, provides new tools for navigating the photo library —like a carousel— and facilitates access to some editing options.

A facelift and features that promise

It is undoubtedly one of the most used applications for its function as an image previewer on our team, but Microsoft wants make it a more capable tool and for this, its new version will arrive with sensible changes in Windows 11.

In the video shared by Panos Panay, the head of Windows 11 development, he showed a video showing that redesign. When an image is opened in a folder, it is possible to move the mouse near the bottom of the window to use the carousel with other photos in that same folder.

it’s possible select multiple photos from that carousel so that they are displayed in the same window in mosaic format —the photos are reordered as we add them— and that allows us to quickly create an attractive “collage” of images.

They also arrive changes to the application controls, which are now centered and floating above the window. The information for each image is more easily accessible, and that information panel to the right of the window has also undergone a notable redesign.

The new version of Photos will begin to reach members of the Windows Insider program very soon, and it is expected to be part of that final version that Microsoft will offer from next October 5.