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Will we see a human being on Mars in this decade? (Electric Sheep Podcast, 1×10)

One of the great obsessions of the scientific community is Mars. The red planet, icy as its nickname does not suggest, harbored millions of years ago ideal conditions for life, in a very similar way to Earth, and in fact perhaps even today it may have some form of microscopic life under its surface.

Although every time we know him better, still there’s a lot we don’t know about our neighboring planet, but that is not an obstacle so that there are even those who plan to colonize it and stay to live there indefinitely. In a lower range when it comes to crashing, some missions simply plan to take the human being to Mars, but always with a return ticket. The distances, the fuel, the radiation, the time there … Many challenges to be solved.

And that’s what the last episode of Electric Sheep is about, a production of Engadget in collaboration with Samsung and exclusively for Audible. Today we publish the tenth episode, always with expert guests and protagonists who have experienced these changes in the first person. With sections of Angela White and presented by a server, Javier Lacort. In each one we count from a different prism how technology has completely transformed us, although sometimes we still expect video calls with holograms.

You to Mars and I to California

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To properly speak of what a colonization of Mars would imply, we have as a guest Miquel Banchs-Piqué, PhD in Civil Engineering who is part of the SOnet project, the network of space enthusiasts participating in the Mars Society competition to develop a settlement on Mars: NUWA.

Along with Miquel, we also have another guest expert in space exploration: stick branches, who works at the Strasbourg Observatory analyzing data from the European Space Agency’s GAIA satellite.

And to make us understand where all the scientific interest in Mars comes from and more details about the conditions of life there, whether ephemeral or definitive, we also have Laura Parro, PhD in Planetary Geology, who did her doctoral thesis precisely on Mars, and is now a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Alicante, as well as a great scientific popularizer.

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