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Will Wax Vaporizer help Sinus Infection?

How can a vaporizer be helpful in sinus infection

Wax vaporizers are one of the most popular methods of consuming cannabis concentrates. They are recommended for a sinus infection as a better alternative to smoking cannabis blunts and joints. Smoking involves burning or combusting cannabis flowers which may release harmful carcinogens into the inhaled smoke. Instead of combusting or burning wax concentrates, wax vaporizers heat them to produce vapor that the user inhales.

How does a wax vaporizer work?

The most common type of wax vaporizer is wax vape pens, which have three major parts: a battery, a heating chamber, and a mouthpiece. They also come with other accessories, including a dabber/ dab tool used to pack the wax concentrate onto the dab pen.

When you activate a wax vaporizer’s battery, the heating element or coil will heat up to a specific temperature. Sequentially, the coil will heat the wax concentrate to produce vapor that you can inhale through the mouthpiece. Some wax vaporizer pens come with variable temperature or voltage settings that enable you to dial in your ideal hits. Using such vaporizers involves selecting your preferred temperature setting. Conversely, some vaporizers do not have this feature so you just heat and hit.

Another common type of wax vaporizer is dab rigs which exist in multiple types. Dab rigs also employ the same concept as wax vape pens, which is to heat and vaporize. However, the dab rig is much bigger and has a water percolator for cooling and cleaning the vapor. Unlike electric dab rigs that utilize a battery, other types of dab rigs are heated manually using a blowtorch.

Does the usage of wax vaporizers help with Sinus Infection?

To date, no substantial evidence to prove whether inhaling the vapor from a wax vaporizer can help with a sinus infection. Only a different class of vaporizer is thought to help with Sinus Infection. This class includes cool-mist humidifiers and steam vaporizers that are used for helping increase humidity levels in the air. Nonetheless, anyone with a Sinus infection should first consult a doctor or a medical expert before using this class of vaporizers. If you increase the humidity levels in your house extremely high, you may promote the development of molds and dust mites that can trigger allergies that can worsen the Sinus infection.

However, using wax vaporizers to consume medical cannabis can offer you some medical benefits that include:

  1. Pain relief
  2. Alleviation of cancer-related symptoms
  3. Improved management of stress, anxiety, and depression
  4. Regulation of seizures
  5. Slowing the development of Alzheimer’s disease
  6. Treatment of inflammatory bowel disease (IBS)
  7. Medical cannabis can help reduce tremors and pain that is associated with Parkinson’s disease

How to use a wax vaporizer?

The first step of using a wax vaporizer is turning on its battery. Most wax vaporizers feature the 5x click-on/off feature that ensures the device does not activate its battery accidentally when carrying it in your pocket. Consequently, the vape devices’ batteries are activated by clicking on the power button up to five times. 

After activating the battery, you should take off the mouthpiece and load a small amount of the wax concentrate onto the heating chamber using a dab tool. Sequentially, you should put the mouthpiece back on and press the power button. In succession, the wax should melt and evaporate. You can inhale the vapor from the heating chamber 

Some of the key tips on the usage of wax pens include:

  • Make sure the wax concentrate is always fresh to get its authentic taste and potency/ effect
  • Always keep your wax vaporizer upright
  • You take slow and short inhales. Do not take huge hits as if you are smoking
  • Clean your wax vaporizer appropriately after usage to prevent clogging
  • Always be careful when loading the wax concentrate onto the heating chamber. The dabber or dab tool should not touch the coils, especially if it is ceramic or quartz. Both types of coils can fracture easily.
  • Ensure you read and understand all the usage instructions outlined in the wax vaporizer’s user manual. If you have any further questions about the device you should contact the manufacturer. 


Many people prefer wax vaporizers to smoking blunts and joints because wax vaporizers are safer and produce odorless, flavorful vapor. However, there are some key safety aspects that you should consider before purchasing a wax vaporizer. For example, a wax vaporizer with a better safety degree should feature medical-grade or food-grade materials on its vapor path. You should also ensure you only vape wax concentrates that are third-party lab tested for safety and quality.

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