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Why Should You Use Microsoft Office 365 In Your Organization?

In case you run a business, there is every chance that you’ve thought about moving to an online productivity suite. The two most main in recent years is Google’s G Suite and that of Microsoft’s Office 365. Advertised as “innovative” and “the next big thing,” you need to know that this Microsoft’s productivity suite is a radical concept when it comes to operating systems and that of computing. 

But if you are still thinking about, why should you choose Microsoft over the other options then remember it is cloud-based.  You must go for Microsoft office 365 adoption and you are definitely going to love it. Performing all your computing in the cloud means that you always have access to your documents and files as long as you are connected to the web. The great thing is that of Office 365’s tools will work on any PC, Mac, tablet, or even that of smartphone. Hence, no matter what type of organization you have, you can make the most of these tools.

Safety is Ensured 

No matter you are using the version of O365 installed on your machine, or that of the cloud version, you are going to get the best level of security and encryption. The same set of Rights Management Services goes for both. None of your files can get accessed in the absence of the proper user credentials that are set up and monitored by that of Microsoft Azure. This is something that offers the best security and control over your Office 365 data.

Backup your data 

Microsoft’s Office 365 offers you its own form of checks and balances, around the clock support that is always on-call, and OneDrive to store all your documents. But it is always a nice idea to have an additional layer of protection by making use of a Managed Services Provider (MSP) who can easily monitor your backups and add an additional layer of security in case your data is compromised or lost.

You can easily work anywhere

In case you have an internet connection, you can easily use your data from anywhere and on any sort of device. You can even check emails, access files, and easily work on a project all from the same place – no matter if that place happens to be the other corner of the world. So, if you are thinking that how your staff is going to work effectively and safely during this pandemic time then these tools are going to make things perfect for you. You can access it all right away and without any hassle or issues.

Easy collaboration among co-workers

How many times have you had manifold people working together on the same project only to possess one version go missing? With Office 365 you can dodge such a thing. Collaborators can work on the same file and easily get changes in real time. You can even share files as links right from OneDrive, rather than that of any attachments.


To sum up,  you can make the most of automate Microsoft teams creation and ensure that your staff stays productive and your work does not compromise in any instance.