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Why New Customers Want to Invest in Bajaj Finance FD FY 2021


The current market is operating in a very dynamic and volatile environment. As an investor, your highest priority in this scenario is to put your money in an instrument that fetches you high returns without compromising safety and liquidity. There is no better investment option than a corporate fixed-income instrument such as Bajaj Finance FD which is offering the highest FD interest rates in comparison to banks and other financial institutions.


You can get up to 7% interest rate on Bajaj Finance FD and 0.10% extra if you invest online. Senior citizens can earn up to 6.75% on their investment. Apart from attractive interest rates, there are several reasons why new customers prefer investing in Bajaj Finance FD:

  • Security of Investment


International rating agencies such as CRISIL and ICRA have given the highest stability ratings to Bajaj Finance FD. Moreover, the returns are not susceptible to market fluctuations. You can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your investment is risk-free.

  • Wealth Creation


When you select a cumulative mode on Bajaj Finance FD, the interest income compounds annually on the principal amount. This helps you to build a sizeable corpus to grow your investment. You can auto-renew the FD at the end of tenor and re-invest the corpus for long-term wealth creation. 

  • Periodic Income


Investors such as senior citizens or homemakers who need regular income to fund their day-to-day expenses can opt for non-cumulative mode on Bajaj Finance FD. It allows you to get interest credited to your bank account on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis.

  • Estimate Exact Returns Before Investment


Bajaj Finance FD interest rates calculator makes it easy to calculate accurate returns beforehand to make an informed investment decision. You just need to enter the investment amount and tenor, and the calculator will auto-populate the results within seconds. Here is an example:


Cumulative FD returns


Investment Amount Investment Tenor Applicable Interest Rate on Bajaj Finance FD Maturity By Total Interest Payout Total Maturity Amount
Rs. 15,00,000 48 months (Four years) 7% (for non-senior citizen investing online) April 2025 Rs. 4,66,194 Rs. 19,66,194


Non-Cumulative FD returns


Period Interest Rate Applicable Interest Payout
Monthly 6.79% Rs. 8,488
Quarterly 6.82% Rs. 25,575
Half Yearly 6.88% Rs. 51,600
Yearly 7.00% Rs. 1,05,000

  • Premature Cash Withdrawal


If there is a cash crisis, you can easily withdraw Bajaj Finance FD prematurely after three months of lock-in period by paying a small penalty charge. 

  • Loan Against FD


A better option to premature cash withdrawal is taking a loan up to 75% value of Bajaj Finance FD. This way, you withdraw only the amount you need instead of breaking the entire FD and avoid loss of interest.

  • Monthly Deposits


If you are interested to make monthly deposits in a systematic manner instead of lumpsum investment, you can opt for Bajaj Finance Systematic Deposit Plan (SDP). You can invest 6-48 small deposits every month for 12 months to 60 months. The interest prevailing on the date of each deposit will be taken into account.

  • Multi Deposit Facility


This feature enables you to average interest fluctuation by making FDs in equal parts with different maturity periods and interest rates. This way when you need to break only a single FD instead of all in case of emergencies. 


With the highest FD interest rates up to 6.75% along with assured returns, easy liquidity, and value-added benefits, Bajaj Finance FD is suitable for investors of all risk appetites.