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Why is blocking air ducts a bad idea

As you might know, it’s common in off-seasons to block or close off air ducts in rooms no one uses. Even parents have told you to do it, or they have done it themselves. What you don’t know can create problems that can reduce the life of your HVAC system. Heating and air conditioning service Atlanta recommends you don’t block or close your air ducts. Why is that? Well, we are here to shed some light on it. First, let’s go through some problems you may face if air ducts are blocked.

Effects of blocked air ducts

Blocking air ducts may either be because of some drapes, curtains, or furniture blocking the way or if you knowingly close or block an air duct. Either way, here are some effects of blocked air ducts.

The difference in temperature around your home

One of the most prominent symptoms of a clogged air duct is the difference in temperatures. Even after using a thermostat to control temperature, it is more likely the temperature around your home is higher or lower in different areas. It is because of uneven cooling or warming of your house in winter or summer. In all cases, it causes your HVAC system to work more and catch the effects of extra cooling or extra warming of the house. Air duct cleaning Atlanta services also tell their customers to keep air ducts open.

A spike in monthly energy or utility bill

Since there is a room with a blocked air duct, the cooling or heating will not spread evenly around the house. It will make the temperature set on the thermostat reach harder. As a result, your HVAC system has to work harder, which will increase the usage of electricity, and ultimately increase your energy or utility bill. It will also put a strain on your heating or cooling equipment, with a risk of failing early and needing a prior service.

The poor indoor quality or uneven temperatures

Blocking air ducts can affect air circulation. It creates uneven cooling or heating around your home, thus resulting in poor air quality. Believe it or not, in some time, this will affect your respiratory system. You will catch problems like sneezing and coughing, which is a lead case in the presence of stale air and contaminants it carries. Common examples of contaminants are mold and volatile organic compounds (VOCs)

Are there any benefits to blocking air ducts in unused rooms?

Unless you have the duct system and house designed so that closing ducts will not affect the heating or cooling of your home, there is no benefit. Even heating and air conditioning services Atlanta recommend keeping air ducts unblocked. It is never recommended to save money or make the HVAC system effective with this method.

However, some commercial buildings have installed an automatic outlet near the HVAC system. It opens to a certain degree depending on how many air ducts are closed. Like this, the temperature inside the building is effectively managed automatically. However, as I mentioned, this is rare and not practiced as much, especially in houses.

Closing Air Vents: why is it a bad idea in winter

Blocking  air vents in your room will cause a fall in temperature in that room. It will affect the overall temperature in your home. Since the heating system cannot interpret this temperature change. Finally, it will damage the system and increase your monthly energy bill.

When you close a duct, it reduces airflow to that room, increasing the air pressure in ducts. The HVAC system manages the entire temperature of your house. However, pressure buildup causes damage to your HVAC system if your ducts are closed. It may also lead to damaged air ducts. Unless you know how to fix it, you can call in services like air duct cleaning Atlanta service for your help.

To summarize, closing or blocking air ducts means:

  • Your HVAC system must work harder, leading to overheating and damaging it.
  • Your HVAC system may sustain damage and cause early servicing.
  • The energy usage of your system will increase, affecting the monthly energy bill.

What do we do instead of closing the air duct?

As I mentioned earlier, closing or blocking air ducts is not workable for homeowners. So, what can you do? To get the desired results, it is better to use traditional energy-efficient methods instead.

By using energy-efficient methods, improve your HVAC systems efficiency. It will reduce wear and tear on your home HVAC system, keeping your home warm or cold. You will also see a significant reduction in monthly utility bills.

Therefore, if you want to save energy, it is better to do the following instead of closing or blocking the air vent:

  • Check for air leaks around ductwork, plumbing, the attic, crawlspace, windows, and doors. Try to fix it or call a professional like heating and air conditioning service Atlanta.
  • Add a weather stripping to windows. It blocks rain from entering your home through spaces between doors and windows.
  • Add caulk to windows and doors. It blocks air leaks from windows and doors.
  • Installing thermal insulating curtains. It will give your home a sci-fi look. In addition, it will help keep the outside heat out.

What to do to keep your HVAC system running smoothly?

Despite doing the other way, remember, it is better to let your heater warm-up or AC cool down your unwanted rooms. This way, the thermostat will easily maintain the temperatures selected, which will reduce the strain on your HVAC system.

Another way to keep your desired temperature, consider implementing energy-efficient improvements. Do not forget to maintain your HVAC system correctly and then inspect regularly from services like air duct cleaning Atlanta. It is also noted that sometimes a dirty, clogged air duct or an HVAC unit needs servicing. It causes ineffective heating or cooling around the house. Finally, see if there is nothing else blocking air ducts. Usually, curtains, drapes, or furniture may block the vent outlet.

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