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Why has Antonio Brown been suspended? This is what the NFL’s decision to qualify for 2020

The Antonio Brown saga has taken another predictable turn.

The beleaguered wideout has been in the news for countless reasons since last year, with the last headline coming Friday: The NFL has suspended the free agent for eight games, regardless of whether he is on the roster in the opening weekend of the league’s new season .

IYER: Ravens should keep saying no to Antonio Brown

34-year-old Brown last took pictures with the patriots in 2019 and starred in one game before being released after allegations of sexual abuse were made public.

Here’s what you need to know about Brown’s suspension and suitability for the 2020 NFL season:

Why was Antonio Brown suspended?

The NFL decided to suspend Brown for eight games after the league found Brown to violate its personal behavior policy. The suspension stems from his arrest in January 2020 in connection with an attack on the driver of a moving van.

Brown was initially charged with felony attack and battery, and in March charges were levied including vehicle burglary, felony battery and felony crime.

Although Brown is currently a free agent, if he signs with a team before the start of the NFL season, he will be allowed to participate in camp and team exercises, with his suspension officially beginning on September 5.

The NFL is still investigating Brown for allegations of sexual assault brought against him by his former trainer, the same allegations that led to his 2019 release from New England. Should the NFL conclude that Brown continued to violate his personal conduct policy when he completed the investigation, Brown could be subject to further punishment, suspension, or otherwise.

The civil case against Brown remains open in Florida.

Has Antonio Brown retired?

In a Twitter disaster in July, Brown seemed to have announced his retirement from the competition with some excellent tweets.

Is it time to run away I’ve done everything in the game? !!

After months of saga with the Raiders, Brown claimed he would retire after his release from Oakland in September 2019, to sign with New England a few weeks later. Brown played a single game alongside Tom Brady and Bill Belichick, catching four passes for 56 yards and a touchdown.

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