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Why Dr. Anthony Fauci says the Marlins outbreak isn’t enough to end the MLB season

After the Marlins coronavirus outbreak among the players and staff of the team, many have wondered if Major League Baseball will eventually cancel the 2020 season. Dr. Anthony Fauci says we’re not ready yet, but warns that the outbreak could endanger the season.

Fauci told Tuesday morning with “Good Morning America” ​​why MLB shouldn’t end the season right away. Fauci is the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

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Fauci was immediately asked if the season could continue and replied, “I don’t know, I hope so.” He explained the situation further.

“This could endanger him,” said Fauci. “I don’t think they should stop, but we just have to follow this and see what happens to other teams every day.”

Fauci added that the league has put in a lot of work to ensure that this season runs smoothly.

“I know that Major League Baseball, the players, the owners, the managers have put a lot of effort into getting together and drafting protocols that we think would work,” said Fauci. “It is very unfortunate what happened to the Miami [Marlins]. I am concerned. I hope the players are fine. I heard about a dozen of them got infected. ‘

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The news about the Marlins got worse on Tuesday as additional players tested positive.

The four additional players who test positive on Tuesday bring the Marlins’ total number of positive coronavirus tests to 17-15 players and two coaches. MLB has delayed several games, including Tuesday night’s Yankees and Phillies games. The Marlins played the Phillies after some players tested positive for the corona virus, so MLB is careful before resuming their games.

“Yankees were told that the decision to postpone tonight’s game was based on a lot of caution,” ESPN’s Karl Ravech tweeted.

Early reports claim that Phillies players have not yet tested positive.

The Phillies are currently being quarantined as a security measure.

UPDATING: Later on Tuesday, Major League Baseball announced that the Marlins games will be postponed through Sunday (BAL @ MIA Tuesday evening, MIA @ BAL Wednesday and Thursday, and WSH @ MIA Friday through Sunday).

“Under the current circumstances, MLB believes it is highly prudent to give the Marines time to focus on providing care to their players and planning their baseball operations to resume early next week,” the statement said. “The health and safety protocols have been designed with a challenging circumstance like the one for the Marlins in mind. The response described in the joint MLB-MLBPA Operations Manual was triggered immediately upon learning of the cluster of positive cases, including the tracing of contacts and quarantining and testing all identified close contacts. The Marlins staff who tested positive remain isolated and receive care. “

In addition to the Marlins, MLB has postponed the rest of the home-and-home series between the Phillies and the Yankees.

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