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While Steam bans crypto and NFT-based games, Epic Games welcomes them with open arms – here are the reasons

Steam has recently updated the requirements that it asks for video game developers so that they can incorporate their products to the platform, and among the novelties it has introduced a ban on games containing features based on blockchain technology that issue or allow the exchange of cryptocurrencies or NFTs, as indicated on their website.

The developer of one of the video games affected by this new policy, Age of Rust, has reported in a Twitter post that Steam is going to delete its product from the platform, and that the justification it has given to the creators of this type of game is that does not allow items of real world value to be on its platform.

Although Steam has not given further explanations in this regard, it seems clear that the video game platform wants to escape all possible controversy and continue to focus on products focused on leisure. And it is that in recent months some of the articles hosted in the video game distributor that allow you to get cryptocurrencies have been criticized by some users for putting the mechanics to earn crypto assets before fun, according to MNE.

Reactions to this ban have not been long in coming, and shortly after the news was known The Verge reported that Epic Games, one of Steam’s main competitors, was willing to host this type of video game on its platform. In fact, the CEO of this company, Tim Sweeny, has pointed out that will “welcome games that make use of blockchain technology as long as they follow the relevant laws, disclose their terms and are age-classified appropriately” through your Twitter account.

Sweeny has specified that he considers the blockchain as a very promising technology and that, in itself, it is not good or bad, but depends on the use that is given, so they welcome video games that want to use it. Yes indeed, stresses that developers who include it in their products will not be able to use Epic Games payment services to accept cryptocurrencies. He has also pointed out that his company is not interested in NFTs for its own games.