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When will Call of Duty Season 5 come out? What you need to know about the new Warzone update, Modern Warfare

Modern Warfare’s latest season is just a few days away.

The increasingly popular Battle Royale game mode is getting ready to turn the Season 4 page, which already includes several grain and updates to better balance weapons and gameplay. Along with the return of Blood Money, a new contract (Supply Run) was introduced, along with other Battle Royale game modes that appear intermittently throughout the season.

But just like online gaming, a new season for Modern Warfare and Warzone is imminent. On July 20, Infinity Ward Twitch streamer NICKMERCS sent a short teaser video featuring a train, which could signal a major change for the mode.

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You can see the short teaser below. (Warning: Video contains an NSFW language.)

The August 5 date was later confirmed by people from Call of Duty, and the new season is coming next Wednesday.

Here’s what you need to know about Warzone’s upcoming season:

When will Call of Duty Season 5 come out?

The newest season of Call of Duty falls on Wednesday, August 5.

The folks at Infinity Ward shared a short teaser with the popular Twitch streamer NICKMERCS, with the video popping up on July 20 and possibly revealing a date on Wednesday, August 5. That date was confirmed on July 30 with a new trailer for the upcoming season, with a new faction to play as.

Modern Warfare Season 5 update

The biggest updates for the upcoming season of Modern Warfare are the inclusion of a train and the opening of the Verdansk Stadium. While details about entering or securing the train are scarce, some reports have indicated that the train will drive across the map and be filled with loot.

The Verdansk Stadium is also opening, made official by the latest trailer Infinity Ward dropped on Monday.

In addition, Season 5 includes more of the following for multiplayer:

  • Two new multiplayer maps;
  • New Gunfight card;
  • New Ground War card (Airport)

And for Warzone:

  • New loot drops;
  • New weapons, including the SPAS-12 and a new sniper rifle
  • New game modes (a return of Juggernaut mode and a faster battle royale are two of the rumors of additions).

New Warzone map

Although there is no new map coming in season 5 of Warzone, the stadium in Verdansk is now opening and offers a whole new area to play and play.

At this point, it’s unclear whether a brand new map will be added to the Warzone game mode in the future, but changes will be made to the existing map of Verdansk as the seasons progress.

In July, data miners have exposed four “zones” that seem to be a whole new one, Cold War themed map for Warzone. Given Easter eggs in recent seasons – nuclear bunkers, one of which houses a nuclear weapon – alludes to the Cold War theme, Russian focus on the new map could mean it will come sooner than later.

Some other rumors indicate that there may be changes to the already existing map of Verdansk, which may see changes similar to those of Fortnite and its map: a “live” map, with changes in the surrounding area while the map layout out remains the same. Other rumors of changes include opening the interior of the stadium, which is in the center of the map, and the water on the Dam flowing and thawing.

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