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WhatsApp works on a small (and interesting) improvement of voice notes: that they continue to be heard even if we leave the chat

One of the small drawbacks that WhatsApp voice notes have is that to listen to them we have to keep the chat open. If we play the voice memo and exit the chat, the playback is cut off. Telegram has solved this well with a global player and now it is WhatsApp that works in a similar function.

This is how the specialized portal WaBetaInfo has discovered it. According to the well-known WhatsApp feature filter, one of the latest versions of the app for iOS allows access this player and therefore see how it works. Notably, this feature is still in development, so it may change prior to its global release.

Yes, wait, I hear your ten minute voice memo while writing in another chat


At the top you can see the global player.

As WaBetaInfo explains, the operation of this dubbed “global player” is as simple as Telegram. When a user sends us a voice note or an audio via Telegram, we can give it to play and exit the chat without the audio stopping. The player remains active at all times.

That allows us listen to the audio while we are waiting for other chats. On WhatsApp, at least for now, that is not possible. This new “global player” aims to solve that. When playing a voice note and exiting the chat, a player will appear anchored in the upper area that would always be visible.

This “global player” can be very useful to listen to long voice memos while replying messages in other chats.

The player is very simple, to the point that it only shows the user’s profile photo, their name, a pause and play button and one to close. Simple, yes, but useful, especially when we want to hear a voice note longer than the account while we do other things on WhatsApp.

WaBetaInfo indicates that this function is still under development, so it is not available on iOS or Android. However, it can be expected that it will roll out at some point, probably first in beta and then stable.

When it does, it will be the third big news for voice memos this year. The first was the player with different speeds. The second was the new recorder (which, among other things, allows you to listen to the voice memo before sending it) and the third will be this “global player”. A function to transcribe the voice memos is also expected.

Via | WaBetaInfo