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WhatsApp will allow us to hide our last connection to certain contacts without having to delete or block them

If we wanted to hide our last connection time in WhatsApp, we had to do it in a generic way. Hide it from all our contacts or select one by one with whom we wanted to do it. But little by little privacy news is arriving and the one that is approaching in the coming weeks will mean a important step forward to avoid bullies or the people of our most annoying contacts.

According to Watebainfo, WhatsApp prepares a new function in which we will be allowed to choose to hide our last connection to specific contacts. A new tool beyond the options of ‘Everyone’, ‘My contacts’ or ‘Nobody’.

Hiding our use of WhatsApp from specific people

This new WhatsApp tool will be located in the privacy settings, where we can now manage what level of privacy we want for our states. Will appear a fourth option of ‘My contacts, except ..’. There we can select one or more specific contacts that will not be able to see our last connection time. An option that was already available to the states and that now will extend to the last connection time.

The option will allow those contacts not to see when we have connected or the changes in our profile, but they will continue to be in our contact list and will not be blocked. This will cause the other user to not be able to detect a priori when we use WhatsApp and it will not be totally blocked either.

You can write to us directly but you will not see the last connection nor the changes in the profile picture, since we can select that everyone see the change except that or those people.

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At the moment it is in development for iOS, although the function will also be available on Android, according to Watebainfo.

The measure is part of WhatsApp’s intention to fight against certain uses of the messaging application. One of those small functions that many will not use, but for many others it can be a great peace of mind.