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WhatsApp new feature: no more errors in voice messages. WhatsApp brings a new feature

WhatsApp New Feature: WhatsApp is one of the most used messaging apps in the world. WhatsApp has become so popular because it is always fascinated with new features. However, a few days ago, WhatsApp faced a setback in terms of privacy. Ownership failed because of user opposition.
With this, WhatsApp tries to impress the users with new features to regain the lost trust. The messaging app has come up with a lot of updates in this order in recent times. As part of this, another new function will be added. Normally you will not have the option to view (review) while sending voice messages. The voice will be sent automatically once it has been recorded. From now on, however, you have the option to listen to the recorded voice message. This facility will be available with this new feature that WhatsApp brings. WhatsApp is currently testing this new feature. This feature also allows the user to choose the speed at which he wants to hear the recorded voice message.