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WhatsApp and Facebook start working after 6 hours of downtime: this is all we know so far

Facebooks are living a nightmare. One of the largest companies in the world and created by and for the Internet, has disappeared from the Internet. It’s been more than six hours since the Facebook services crash was reported, which includes WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger and others. What seemed like one more fall, has become the largest in the history of the company in remembrance. But little by little it seems to begin to recover. This is what we know so far.

If we try to access Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram or Facebook Messenger among others, we probably cannot. Us returns errors or just doesn’t load the page shift. It happens with practically any Facebook service right now. This is because they are down globally. The company has communicated it in official statements and also through their spokespersons.

It has been more than six hours since this has happened and after what has seemed like a hectic work of the engineers, little by little the services are recovering. Some users are reporting that can use Facebook services again. This means accessing the Facebook website, using the WhatsApp app, browsing Instagram or communicating through Messenger, among other things.

Nevertheless, has not returned for all users. For the majority, the company’s services remain non-operational. It will surely be a matter of hours for everything to return to normal for all users globally. At the moment Facebook has not made any official statement in this regard.

This article is constantly updated. We will post more updates on this.