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What You Need to Know About the Pantone Matching System in Custom Journals

If you decide to supplement your marketing activities with high-quality Custom Journals, you have joined millions of companies that use gifts to expand their influence. You may even have chosen the most suitable Custom Journals for your business or industry from the more than 4000 corporate gifts offered by blueberry ink, so it’s time to send your works and print them professionally.

At this point in your business, you have identified brand as one of the most important aspects of developing your business. In a recent study at Loyola University in Maryland, choosing the right color for your brand can increase sales and creativity by 50% to 85% more effectively. Once established, color has also been shown to increase brand awareness by 87%, making it the number one factor in brand awareness.

Eric Markowitz, an Inc Market Research reporter, wrote an article discussing the success and failure of color only products, including Heinz ketchup, which sold 7 million copies of green ketchup in seven months, and crystal Pepsi, because people can’t be clear through their soda. He went on to discuss case studies, which show that consumers’ decisions to buy products may range from 60% to 80% depending on the color of the product.

Logo color plays an important role in brand recognition, which is why you can instantly identify the shopping app on your phone and find your favorite restaurant a few blocks away. In blueberry ink, we use Pantone matching system ® ( PMS) to ensure that the colors used on each promotional product match exactly the colors you choose for your brand, so as to improve the brand awareness of your enterprise.

PMS is a widely used color matching system, which is used in printing industry to present the best performance of color intention in graphic art. It consists of thousands of pre formulated colors, which can generate specific spot colors for products and designs. Since Pantone has developed its own unique ink blending formula, and your promotional product company is manually blending the formula, so as to use Pantone’s high-quality ink to obtain accurate color, the design of the system enables you to obtain the color that exactly matches the selected color sample. Then the pure ink is applied separately through the printing process, which is called spot color or offset printing.


Why do we use Pantone matching system ®?

Using PMS can make your brand color match, whether you are printing on notebook, business gift, letterhead or beverage vessel. Your blue is always the right blue, not lighter or greener. Other color models have different colors from one product to the next, or from one printer to the next. CMYK color model is a kind of overprint printing using four-color ink. These colors are cyan, magenta, yellow and primary (black), which are lower than Pantone’s 13 Basic pigments (14 black). In fact, only 55% of CMYK colors match PMS colors, which leaves a large margin of error for print quality. Another printing method is called cmyk-ogv, or extended gamut printing, which expands CMYK by adding orange, green and purple to the color range. The PMS matching degree of cmyk-ogv is 90% better than that of CMYK, but there are still errors in color printing.

Blueberry ink’s mission is to provide every enterprise with high-quality corporate gifts and Custom Journals, and since PMS colors are standardized, we can provide high-quality names or logos every time.


Can’t I just match my logo color to the Pantone color on my computer screen?

There is a complete list of Pantone colors on the Internet, but computer screens run from RGB displays and are usually not well calibrated to display accurate colors correctly. The hexadecimal code of website color can’t be compared with Pantone color. RGB and hex colors are only estimates, which have no direct relationship with Pantone color.

How to find the right Pantone color?

Pantone provides guides and books, so you can use color samples to match your brand’s primary, secondary, and tertiary colors. These physical color samples can be purchased online or at art stores to ensure that you get the actual PMS color you need on any promotional material.

Pantone also uses a special code to indicate the type of paper on which the color swatch is printed. The letter C indicates that the color is printed on coated paper for gloss, while the letter U is printed on uncoated paper. Blueberry ink uses Pantone color with the letter C because it is widely used in sharp and complex designs and prevents color penetration.


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