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What You Must Know About The Consumer Unit?

Every home in London has an electrical wiring with a consumer unit. Some people might refer to it as a fuse box. This is the main part of the electrical network as all the power lines of the building come from here. If you need any relating to the consumer unit replacement in London call a professional electrician who is working in this field for a long time.

What is a consumer unit?

This is something everyone can recognise as it is there in every house throughout the world. It is the main control centre for a property’s electrical supply. It is one of the most important parts and we should take care of it more often. This consumer unit protects the electrical appliances from getting damaged. Though the concept is an old one but it is getting upgraded almost every day. New technologies are used to upgrade it so that there is less electricity consumption and common people are safe.

How often should one check the consumer unit?

This is something no one should ignore if you want to stay at home safely. if you face any problem call the electric works London immediately. One should check the domestic consumer unit once every 3 or 4 years. If you are someone who is conscious about the place where you are staying then you can check it more frequently. If you are buying an old property, request the owner to check it. Suppose you are the owner of the property and you give the place on rent, think of it as your duty to check the unit. If your tenants are moving out and the new ones are about to come then take this opportunity to do the domestic consumer unit installation, if you think it is necessary.

When should one replace the consumer unit?

Well, as a layman you can never find out when to replace the fuse box. Most of the electricians say not to replace it if it is not defective. Unfortunately, most of the old ones do not have RCD which is an important part of the consumer unit. Without this, there can be severe risks like electrical shock, fire, or life loss. Further plastic consumer units are still common around this country but still, if you want to upgrade for your betterment then you use metal. The only reason to use metal is if by chance there was an electrical fire within the unit, it will not spread quickly. We all know plastic catches fire easily so call an electrician from the Electric Works London and change it immediately.

Who can change the consumer unit?

Sometimes someone in the family thinks that they can change the fuse box but kindly please do not do that on your own unless and until you have a piece of prior knowledge on this field. When you think you need to upgrade it, contact a professional electrician. If you call the electricians of Electric Works London be sure they will provide you with all the papers which you can keep as records. They will give you a certificate from the building regulations once they complete the work.

As a layman if you want to find out whether the fuse box is old or not check these following signs:

  • A cabinet made from a light grade metal or a Bakelite
  • RCB protection of a modern model will have a test button which will be marked as the alphabet ‘T’. old models will not have these symbols on it
  • Metal pin connectors that are pushed inside the board
  • Old units which no longer have proper colours

Ways to identity an old fuse box

If you are buying a property then the owner might provide an old fuse box, do check before taking it. Maybe it will not be possible for you to find out so call for an electrician. The new units will have a minimum of 2 RCDs. it will have a plain grey colour or white casing along with two or three rows of switches. The red isolation switch will be there in the new ones. The switches can be of black colour and will be linked with all the electrical circuits of the property.

Few tips for monitoring the consumer unit which is there in your house are: –

It is important to call a professional electrician for help but there are few things you can do at home.

  • Plastic units: if you have a plastic unit and you notice there is thermal damage be sure it is due to overheating. Regularly check the condition of the unit for any possible signs of damage. Apart from the thermal damage there might be a cracking sound or smell of burning from it. If you notice any of these do not wait for a day, call the electrician near you right away.
  • Power tripping: if this is happening in your place almost every day the only thing you need to do is call for help. There is an underlying issue which you cannot find out.
  • Visual checks almost every day: you might now check everything on your own but at least see the fuse box once in a while. It will be a good idea if you check it every month, especially the exposed wirings.
  • Test the RCD: though RCD is a new concept, you need to check whether it is working properly or not. See the test button at least once in 3 months.

To conclude for the domestic consumer unit installation, you can call the Electric Works London. These electricians know their job properly. They are swift with their work and willing to help the clients all the time. Never try to do any work on the fuse box on your own if you are not trained in it. An electrician does not charge much so call him once in six months and check all connections of your property.