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What To Look For When Choosing From All The Vape Pens For Sale

There are quite a few vape pens for sale in the UK, but not all of them are the same and not all of them are actually vape pens. When vaping CBD, the model you pick will depend on the type of CBD vape liquid you want to vape – CBD e liquid vs. CBD vape oil. Today, there are many more people opting to vape CBD vape oils as a healthier alternative to e liquids. If you do go this route, you will need a device that is powerful enough to work with vape oil. 

Below Is A Breakout Of The Type Of Vape Kits You Can Get:

Pod Systems: Pod vape systems are designed to be more compact and easier to use than mod systems. Typically, a pod system consists of a pod that inserts into the part of the device that holds the battery. Most pod systems are limited in terms of options as you usually have to use a same brand pod that is compatible with your device. 

Some Pods Are Powerful Enough To Be Used With Cbd Vape Oil And Will Have Pre-filled Cbd Vape Oil Pods Available.

All-in-one Vape Devices: These devices distinguish themselves by having no separate pod or tank, with the e-liquid simply being filled into the top of the device itself. Cleaning them can be quite tricky though. It is highly unlikely you will find a CBD vape oil version of this device given how hard it would be to self fill. 

Mod/tank kits: Mods are usually larger, more powerful vaping devices that have a separate tank connected to the main battery. Some vape mods also have a lot more advanced functions and modes. Whilst they can be powerful enough for CBD vape oil, they tend to only be used with CBD e liquids where you are able to fill your tank – this is much harder to do with a CBD vape oil. 

Vape Pens: As the name suggests, these devices look like a pen, are lightweight and can be easily carried about – quite popular among those who love a discreet on-the-go vaping experience. Not all vape pens are high spec enough to be able to work with CBD vape oil. Those specifically labelled a marijuana, cannabis or CBD oil vape pen are powerful enough to heat up thicker oils and extracts.

There currently aren’t that many good oil vape pens for sale in the UK as vaping high strength pure extract cartridges is still a relatively new phenomenon. My personal favourite of the CBD oil vape pen is Paso’s 510 thread CBD Vape pen due to its sleek, metallic silver finish and stunning features such as adjustable voltage setting so it can be used with both e liquids and oils and its pre-heating setting so I can warm up colder oils. 

Do check them out and let me know what you think.