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What to consider before buying a refrigerator

The fridge. We all have one, but when changing it there are many factors that we must take into account and look. It is not just going to the store and taking the one that you think is prettiest or the cheapest. As with other technological devices, there are many characteristics that we must look at in order to make a good purchase that will last us over time.

And so that you have no doubts about this, in today’s video we are going to tell you what are the main factors to take into account when you buy a new refrigerator. We will talk from the type of refrigerator that you can choose, to some of the technologies that you must take into account.

Factors to buy a good refrigerator

In this video, we will start talking about the type of refrigerator. For that, you need to take into account your needs and the space you have at home. Because a refrigerator is not the same for a person or a couple and for a family, or if you order a lot at home or you like to have fresh ingredients to cook.

There are several types of refrigerator, as I combine them with a fridge and freezer, one on top and the other on the bottom. You also have the American-style refrigerators, with two doors and a freezer and refrigerator in each of them. In addition, they usually have water or ice dispensers. There are also one-door freezers or refrigerators, or subtypes like American Combi, which have no separation between the doors despite having two or more.

This was the first step, but there are other important factors such as the electrical consumption of the refrigerator, something important because we will always have it connected. In the video we will talk about the changes in the electrical efficiency classification.

A very personal choice that you must have is to the interior layout of the refrigerator. This is an important decision, because you will have to see those with more or fewer compartments, or perhaps you prefer refrigerators dedicated to certain types of food or with special drawers for them. The shelves also have to be resistant, preferably made of glass, and as easy to remove or clean as possible.

And obviously, it is also interesting look at the technologies of each brand. Here, there are technologies present in almost all modern refrigerators such as the NoFrost. But there are also technologies that are exclusive to each brand, although sometimes being different technologies they have similar purposes.

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