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What the papers say – July 27

Headaches for travelers, plans to curb obesity and the death of Dame Olivia de Havilland are among the stories that make headlines in Monday’s papers.

The times leads holidays in “turmoil” after the introduction of mandatory quarantine for travelers arriving from Spain.

The Guardian also leads on holidays, as people have been warned that they will not necessarily be warned a lot when new restrictions are introduced after the “quick decision” on Spain.

Subway leads with “pain in Spain” and reports that the “eleventh-hour” quarantine has “left more than a million British” in the dark.

While the Independent bears the headline “summer of uncertainty”, and the I says the government is “steadfast” in its decision to restrict returning travelers from Spain.

The Daily mirror calls the move a “quarantine sliders” and the Daily Express says millions face “holiday chaos”.

Elsewhere, The Daily Telegraph reports the health secretary’s wish that overweight people should aim to lose five pounds as he announces a series of proposals to combat obesity.

The Daily mail reports that there is “no going back” for Harry and Meghan after a “bomb book” about their split with the royal family.

The Financial times is at the forefront with Europe’s largest banks making provisions for more credit losses during Covid-19.

And the Daily star leads with a broken tire for Kate Garraway causing her ‘terror’ on the highway.