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What Makes 2021 Ram ProMaster Van Worth Checking?

Are you in dire need of owning a commercial van? Is your work becoming impossible without a commercial vehicle?

The 2021 Ram ProMaster is the answer to all your questions. It is one of the best commercial vans that you can buy and use in any way you want. If you are wondering if this vehicle is of any worth then simply go through its specifications before taking a test drive when in Carmel Valley Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram dealer shop. 

Engine, performance, and more

ProMaster trims are equipped with a V6 3.6L engine that creates 280-hp and torque of 260 lb-ft. It sends power to the vehicle’s front wheels and is paired with auto 6-speed from swift gear operation.

It takes 8.1 seconds to reach 0-60mph, which is quite impressive when it comes to commercial vans. Overall handling is quite great of this vehicle and provides a smooth riding quality to all.

It offers quite the mileage in van category as it offers 21 mpg in cities and 28 mpg on highway routes. If you are looking to gather more details about every available version of this van and its precise specifications then you should contact Carmel Valley CDJR dealer quickly.

Towing skill and payload 

This van can easily tow at least 6800 lbs, which is quite similar to its rivals. However, it has a payload capacity of 4680 lbs making it have one of the best payload abilities among all vans. However, you can opt for certain packages and more that allow this vehicle to run even smoother with such a high towing and payload facility.

Exterior and its interior 

Though it is just a commercial van, Ram has created the exterior with subtle stylish touches that ensure people can tell it apart from other vans. Also, the designs offer remarkable forward visibility for a driver, which is always appreciated by people who drive it.

Coming to its interior area, the design is practical yet quite attractive. The passenger-carrying model comes without the seat and people have to install rear seats can be the only slight drawback that one can mention about this vehicle.

However, people who opt for this van always carry cargo as it is what this is best for. In addition, the cabin is quiet enough as not much road noise will disturb one. You can visit a dealership to take a quick look to gather a better idea.


The standard Cutaway trims start from $32,289 and the other low-end model is the Chassis cab that is around $32,939. The mid-section variants involve 1500, 2500, and 3500 cargo vans, which are priced at $34,089, $36,139, and $37,889 respectively. The top-tier trims include 2500 and 3500 window vans that cost $39,089 and $42,839 respectively.

It depends on you what type of business you own and which van type will be suitable for it. A lot of choices are available if you opt for the 2021 Ram ProMaster. So, visit a showroom and book one to fulfil your commercial needs and have a successful business.