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What Joe Kelly said to Carlos Correa, which started the Dodgers-Astros battle

The first line about Joe Kelly Fight Club: You don’t talk about Joe Kelly Fight Club.

While Joe Kelly doesn’t give in to what he said Tuesday night caused an anti-social rally in the Dodgers vs. Astros matchup, Astros manager Dusty Baker let the world know what exactly Kelly said to Correa who sparked the fuse between both squads.

“What really infuriated everyone was what he said to Carlos [Correa] when he knocked it out. “Nice swing, b—!” ‘

Before the sides started barking at each other, Baker did his best to protect his boys. After Kelly walked away from the rubber, microphones caught someone – presumably the Houston manager – who shouted “Go up the hill, little boy” at Kelly. (Bad language? In BASEBALL? Never.)

Video contains NSFW language.

The Dodgers reliever’s command is historically a bit wild, to say the least. He got fairly close to looting Alex Bregman earlier in the inning, with some wondering if Kelly was intentionally hitting him. He also came dangerously close to nailing Correa with a pitch. To that end, Kelly is not afraid to start a few crowds. While with the Red Sox, Kelly threw with then-Yankee Tyler Austin, sparked a brawl and broke the champagne bottle at the “Joe Kelly Fight Club.”

The history between the two squadrons is well documented. The Astros were tricked into cheating for their 2017 season, one in which they illegally stole signs using technology and a trash can to report hitters. The Astros disrupted the Dodgers in the 2017 World Series.

The Dodgers and Astros will play again in Houston on Wednesday at 7:10 PM, in the true spirit of Joe Kelly Fight Club Rule No. 7: Battles continue as long as they have to.

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