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What is a Content Photo Studio? – Ultimate Guide

Content shooting is a new genre of photo and video shooting, which has been especially in demand recently. Content photo studio shooting is carried out for communities on social networks, sites, blogs. Unique photographs help to bring individuality to the content, maintain the necessary style, and adjust the visual part to the text.

Businesses are increasingly ordering such shots because they help to draw attention to products and services and, accordingly, sell more. Agree that photos from stocks with photoshopped products look unnatural, and faces with feigned emotions are more annoying than arousing a desire to purchase goods. Therefore, every year more and more businesses and h2 companies prefer to shoot content in a “natural environment”.

What is the peculiarity of the process of content photography?

The content of such filming, of course, can be different, but in general, we divide them into 2 genres.

When we produce a shoot for our clients, we always separate the shooting of the subject and the people into 2 different days.

When a business needs a photo studio for Instagram, it is usually done in an interior studio, on a cyclorama, or “on the knee” (at home or in an office on the windowsill), which severely limits the photographer’s creativity.

Therefore, studios began to appear, equipped specifically for shooting content for Instagram and sites. Unlike conventional interior content photo studios, they pay special attention to detail.

What does a photo studio have for subject content shooting?

These are not all the little things that are presented on the shelves in the studio. And they all help to build personnel for subjects of different subjects: cosmetics, food, medicines and dietary supplements, jewelry and jewelry, clothes and shoes, any merchandise, small household appliances, dishes, and porcelain, etc.

  • paper colored backgrounds
  • wooden figures: cubes, balls
  •  blankets with different fabric textures
  • wooden boards
  • glass “drops
  • ribbons of different colors
  • Books and magazines

What equipment is needed

Often, for filming content, you do not need to expose complex lighting schemes, natural lighting is enough. In our content photo studio, there are two windows 3 by 3 meters each and a south side. The sun comes in from about 10 am to 3 pm in the summer, after which soft light falls through the windows. In winter, the ideal time for shooting without additional sources is from 11 to 14:30. In natural light, studio guests have special freedom: you can take perfect shots even with a smartphone.

But not in all cases it is worth relying on insidious Singapore soon. For example, when shooting products for product cards, the light should be the same so that there are no differences in the colors of the same product from different angles. For such filming, you can use pulsed light or a lightbox. In our experience, it is generally preferable to shoot products for product cards in a lightbox.

What about shooting with models

H2 photo studios offer such a possibility, or are they simply limited by the possibilities for the subject?

Of course, if you need content for Instagram, TikTok, personal blogs, the studio must be able to film people. For example, in our photo studio Re: Frame, we have 2 interior corners and additional furniture to create unique locations.

We shoot in our studio with models content for beauty brands, beauty salons, grocery and alcohol stores, ateliers, stylists, bloggers, including TikTok. This can be subject photography, when there are several people in the frame, and staged shots with models.

It may seem like filming content in a specialized content photo studio is more expensive than adjusting at home or in the office. But this is an illusion. Studios collect props and equipment – this eliminates 70% of the issue of buying props, lights, holders for backgrounds, backgrounds themselves, etc. The studios arrange the space so that it is convenient for the photographer to shoot from different angles. And finally, there is no need to store props in your home or office, it is always waiting for you in a convenient space and is updated by the efforts of the family photoshoot services provider.

How to choose the right content studio for a business

The moment you understand that your business needs promotion, you think about looking for an advertising agency. But what exactly does the effectiveness of advertising depend on? Is it only from the efforts and skills of the targeting specialist and the size of the budget? No! For an advertising campaign to be effective, bring leads, and ultimately pay off, it is important not only to correctly build a promotion strategy, but it is also important what creatives will be used in ads and publications. After all, it is to pictures that your potential client reacts. It is photographs and designs that attract a person’s attention and make him make that very “click” that we all want. The production plays a leading role here.

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