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What do you say? Here’s why Raven Gates doesn’t use a deodorant

Raven Gates. Courtesy of Raven Gates / Instagram

Raven Gates, 29, becomes the best smelling bride out there, that is, when she can finally say “yes” forever to fiance Adam Gottschalk.

The Bachelor of Paradise alum had to postpone her ceremony in May because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but she is using this extra time to her advantage. The Gray suede boutique owner recently tried MiraDry, an FDA-approved treatment that eventually dissipates sweat under the arm.

“I was worried about my nerves that made me sweat on my wedding day and no bride wants to emphasize that there are sweat stains on the armpits on her dress,” said Gray Suede’s boutique owner. “I was so excited to hear about MiraDry treatment and how it drastically reduces sweat under the arms.”

What do you say? Here's why Raven Gates doesn't use a deodorant
Thanks to MiraDry

The reality star claims that she immediately noticed the results. “I noticed immediate results after just one treatment and since then I haven’t had to use a deodorant, which is a big problem because I had to wear clinical deodorant every day,” she continued.

Gates tells it too U.S Weekly that “the process was super easy”. The non-invasive treatment removes the sweat and odor glands in the armpits. It costs a pretty penny (about $ 3,000), but for some it’s worth not worrying about.

“I haven’t had to use a deodorant since and now have one less thing to stress about,” said the Bachelor Nation star about her marriage.

It is not uncommon for stars to commit to extra beautiful beauty treatments before losing the knot. Hailey Baldwin visited regularly Pellequr spa in Beverly Hills for her marriage and Katherine McPhee got a special facial Neville Hair & Beauty salon in London, which made her a ‘calm and collected bride’.

What do you say? Here's why Raven Gates doesn't use a deodorant
Thanks to MiraDry

With this in mind, it’s likely that Gates has even more exciting beauty treatments on her agenda prior to her wedding. The business owner has not yet shared the pair’s new date, but the star says they are “staying positive” during this turbulent time.

The happy couple met on season 4 of Bachelor of Paradise and got engaged in Dallas on May 31, 2019. The couple closed their first home together in December 2019.

“I love you forever and ever,” the Arkansas native signed one of the couple’s stunning engagement photos. “We’ll be together all our days. I want to wake up every morning with your sweet face … “Always.” ‘

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