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Wedding singer Harry is the best man for the first dance of newlyweds with a range of free performances

A WEDDING singer offers to perform for free on a happy couple’s big day.

With many brides and grooms forced to return their wedding because of Covid-19, Harry McGarrity got a lot of free time.

The 20-year-old, who made a name for himself in the bar, hotels and corporate parties, posted a social media post asking couples to get in touch with their first dance requests so he could record himself performing their songs.

The Bangor singer expected few responses, so he was blown away when 40 people contacted.

Now he offers a happy couple a free 45-minute performance on their big day as a wedding gift.

“So many couples were wrong when their marriages had to be postponed or canceled because of Covid-19,” said Harry.

“Since weddings are the majority of my job, that naturally had consequences for me too.

“I thought it would be a nice idea to offer to record a video of myself singing to anyone who had their wedding put back.

That way, they could dance in the living room to their special song on the date they got married.

“I posted on Facebook and people immediately contacted me with requests.

“I didn’t expect my message to be so popular, but I got about 40 requests.”

Harry recorded himself performing each of the songs and sent his efforts to couples ahead of their wedding dates.

Among the artists and bands chosen for the first dance numbers were Elvis Presley, Coldplay and Kodaline.

“It had some beautiful love songs in it and I really enjoyed recording the songs,” said Harry.

“It was nice to get great feedback from all the couples. I just wanted to give them something special to mark what should have been their big day.”

Harry, who uses music as a way to overcome his anxiety issues, made a few appearances on the back of his kind gesture.

Now he hosts an online competition that offers a couple a free performance on their big day.

“I’ll make it a point to do a 45-minute lock for a couple who’s had to rearrange their big day,” Harry said.

“I’m in the contest on my Facebook page, so keep an eye on the details if you want me to sing at your wedding. It’s something I love to do and can’t wait to get out again. “

Meanwhile, Harry prepares for his debut single What Would You Do? on Spotify.

He also has a few shows scheduled for later in the year.

For example, he will perform at the Europa Hotel in Belfast on November 20 to raise money for Emerge Counseling Services, a charity based in Lisburn.

The singer also does a show at the Stormont Hotel on New Year’s Eve – supported by a 12-piece band.

“I wanted to do a fundraiser to raise money for mental health because I suffer from anxiety and know what it is like,” said Harry.

“Music is like my therapy. I always feel better when I sing. “

Hannah Walsh, who was to marry James Stewart in the summer, was delighted to receive a video from the singer.

“We both gutted when our wedding was canceled – we had planned for so long,” she said.

“I saw Harry’s post and thought it was such a fun and genuine offer. When the video came, it both made us happy.

“It was a lovely day that day (the planned wedding date), which was sad because I could only think about my wedding day.

“We both really appreciated Harry’s gesture and would recommend it to everyone.”

Visit Harry’s Facebook or Instagram page to enter the contest. The winner is chosen at random

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