WEATHER BLOG: The Garage Door

WEATHER BLOG: The Garage Door

A photo of the tornado damage in East Texas on April 13, 2019 reminded me of the need for strict building codes and reinforced garage doors we have in Florida.

The above photo, taken by meteorologist Doc Deason in Alto, Texas, clearly shows a faulty garage door leading to the total failure of the roof from below. After that there was a total structural failure of the house.

I am not a structural engineer, but when I was led by famous engineer / meteorologist Tim Marshall, he agreed. He said, “When wind comes in, he wants out!”

Here in Florida, because we are in one of the most hurricane-prone regions in the world, our building codes have been strict since Hurricane Andrew in 1992. Some effort has been made in Tallahassee to mitigate those codes, which I think is a terrible idea. Last year Hurricane Michael may have taken over our officials’ desire to weaken the codes.

In my 22 years in Florida, I’ve often heard people complain about the high cost of garage doors. They are heavy and expensive. There is a reason and it may save your home someday.

I’ve seen dozens and dozens of examples of faulty garage doors leading to more structural damage. There’s even more you can do, kits can be purchased to install for a hurricane to bolster your door.

Finally, early in my career, I spent 8 years on TV in Central and East Texas. My heart goes out to the people of Franklin and Alto, Texas who were hit by the tornadoes on Saturday. I hope they recover soon.

Photos of my garage door that complies with the current code with extra steel reinforcement. Most other states don’t need these, even in hurricane-prone areas.