Weather blog: Storm system for holiday travelers

Weather blog: Storm system for holiday travelers

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. – A developing storm system will cross the Southeastern United States on Thursdays and Fridays, with wet and windy weather likely to hit travelers.

There is very little cold air on the surface, so most of the precipitation that falls will be rain and some can be heavy. Large airports such as Atlanta could be delayed by strong winds. Air travelers can experience a bumpy ride in the eastern half of the country due to very strong winds.

The good news is that when the system shuts down, it will bring a long stretch of fairly calm weather for the Lower 48 that could last until Christmas Day. Snow lovers won’t be happy, though – rain in the east will melt much of the snow that fell earlier this month.

Snow kicks off this weekend in the West, and there will likely be heavy snowfall during the holidays in the high parts of the Pacific Northwest.

For travelers in and around Florida, expect nice weather from Sunday to Christmas Day with a slow warming trend until next week.