WEATHER BLOG: January 2019 Review

Rainfall totals

Despite 7 days under normal temperatures until the end of January, the monthly temperature was about normal. Much of this was caused by four or five days well above normal temperatures to start the month.

Just like last December, it was wetter than usual until January. This is very typical of us in an El Nino winter.

There were no floods, but there were numerous reports of severe weather early in the morning of January 24. Sunday, January 27, was an unusually wet and cold day for Florida with nonstop rain lasting about 24 hours.

Unlike last January, most of our areas have been freezing this year.


Average temperature 61.0 (0.2 above normal)

Warmest 83 2nd

Coldest 40 21st

Rainfall 4.21 “(1.98 above normal)


Average temperature 60.6 (-0.8 below normal)

Warmest 80 2nd, 23rd

Coldest 41 29th

Precipitation 3.84 “(0.91” above normal)


Average temperature 62.0 (0.4 above normal)

Warmest 81 2nd

Coldest 45 21st

Precipitation 3.84 “(1.27” above normal)


Average temperature 56.5 (-0.2 below normal)

Hottest 84 2nd

Coldest 27 17th

Precipitation 3.77 “(0.55” above normal)


Average temperature 61.8 (1.1 above normal)

Hottest 84 4th

Coldest 36 21st

Precipitation 4.44 “(1.80” above normal)


Average temperature 61.5 (0.7 above normal)

Warmest 83 1ST, 4th

Coldest 40 21st

Precipitation 4.38 “(0.90” above normal)


Average temperature 61.9 (0.5 above normal)

Hottest 84 2nd

Coldest 40 29th

Precipitation 2.75 “(0.26” above normal)