Weather Blog: Holiday Travel Nationwide

Weather Blog: Holiday Travel Nationwide

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. – If you travel tomorrow, you can expect good weather in most of the country. The Southeastern United States will have rain from the mountains to the Gulf Coast. There may be some snow in India and Northern Ohio.

Sunday will be mildly rural with only snow in Northern New England and the mountains of the Northern Rockies. The Southeastern United States will be cooler.

The weather looks great in the eastern United States on Monday. It’s getting cool here in Florida. In the mountains of the West, a new winter storm will develop with heavy snowfall.

When you are traveling Tuesday, expect a minor snowstorm in Iowa, Kansas, Illinois, and Michigan. There will also be snow showers in the mountains of the northwest. Most of the country will be fairly mild.

There could be major travel delays on Wednesday, as a major winter storm will bring rain and snow to the southwestern U.S. Snow is possible in places like Las Vegas, especially Salt Lake City and the mountains. In Texas, the rain will increase.

On Thanksgiving During the day, most of the country is cool to mild. But there will be a major snow storm in the western US

Heavy rain can fall in California. Texas will also be rainy. Most of the east will be dry, with the exception of southern showers in the southeast.

Very heavy snow is expected in Friday in Colorado, Utah and Northern Arizona. A new batch of cold air is ready to enter the Northern Rockies. Showers will increase here in Florida.