Weather Blog: February 2019 in Review

Weather image showing the jet stream pattern for much of the month of February 2019, and the mild pattern across Florida. (Spectrum Bay News 9)

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. – After a chilly end of January, Mother Nature decided to give us an early spring flavor in February.

  • Hottest temperature recorded at TPA in February 2019: February 23 – 86 degrees
  • Lowest temperature registered at TPA in February 2019: 14 – 44 degrees
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We started the month with pleasant conditions and many highs in the 1970s. However, the second week got hot, with many highs in the 80s and the daily record of 84 on February 11th.

That was followed by four cooler days with highs in the 1970s, followed by a longer series of warm days after that. We had highlights in the 80’s from February 17-24. We ended the month with a return to 1970s highs.

We had a few cool nights, but overall the month was absolutely mild, with no big cold air. However, it was not nearly as warm as last February when we broke countless record highs.

The hottest day at Tampa Airport was on February 23, 86.

The lowest temperature at Tampa Airport was February 14, 44 (lows this morning in the 1930s in northern provinces with frost areas)

The pattern of the jet stream across the Western Hemisphere took a major turn in February, with tremendous pressures of cold air and high levels of moisture in the Western United States. Seattle and Portland both had a very wet and snowy month.

It snowed all the way to Southern California and Arizona, with even snow in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. This was fantastic for solving their dry conditions, but that same pattern gave us a very mild, mostly dry February pattern.

We were lucky enough to end the month with some big waves of moisture that gave us some useful rains. As a result, we ended the month with near-average rainfall totals.

Coastal areas had higher totals, while inland areas had slightly lower totals.

The heaviest totals were in Pinellas County, where many locations had 3 to 4 inches.

Here were the totals elsewhere:

  • Tampa 2.91
  • Bradenton 1.54
  • Lakeland 2.65
  • Brooksville 1.74
  • Clearwater 3.03 (2.68 “on the 26th)
  • Saint Petersburg 1.93
  • Winter Haven 1.56
  • Ruskin 1.13
  • Bay News 9: 2.33