WEATHER BLOG: April review, May preview

One of April's cold fronts managed to produce some severe weather mid-month where there were several reports of trees down, including this one in Brandon. (Courtesy of Lauren Suarez, viewer)

April is normally a dry month and we are really starting to see some of the warm days as the frequency of cold fronts bringing cold air to the southeastern US is really decreasing.

And this April was no different. We had quite a few warm days, but the humidity was not really a problem. That said, most areas were about 2 degrees above normal.

But despite the warm month, our mornings and evenings were generally quite comfortable. We didn’t have too many rain events, but the ones we rained had heavy rains and our month ended almost or even slightly above normal in the rainfall department.

One of those cold fronts managed to produce some severe weather in the middle of the month, with various reports of trees.

Here’s a look at the April numbers


Average temperature 74.5 (2.7 degrees above normal)

Precipitation 2.68 inches (0.65 inches above normal)


Average temperature 73.7 (0.9 degrees above normal)

Precipitation 2.41 “(0.06 inch below normal)


Average temperature 73.8 (2.0 degrees above normal)

Precipitation 1.62 “(0.76 inch below normal)


Average temperature 70.8 (3.2 degrees above normal)

Precipitation 3.34 “(0.88 inch above normal)

St. Petersburg

Average temperature 75.6 (2.8 degrees above normal)

Precipitation 1.49 “(0.73 inch below normal)

Looking ahead to May, we are now completely in very hot weather and the historical chances of a cooling cold front are getting very far away. At the end of May, with our daily thunderstorms, we can see some trends toward our summer pattern.

In most years when we see an early start to the rainy season, it is more likely over inland locations as the water temperatures allow the sea breeze front to move further inland early in the season. As soon as the summer rainy season really sets in in June, we see the sea breeze getting closer to the coast and therefore the chances and coverage of the rain increase closer to the coast in June.

Looking at the temperatures in May, our normals of 84 and 66 go to 1st to 89 and 73 at 31st. Average rainfall in May is still quite low generally between 2 and 3 inches. However, this year there are a few days higher rain chances in the first week of the month.