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Warzone Stadium Opened: How Season 5’s Call of Duty Update Changes Tactics and Strategy

Oh baby, it’s finally here.

After months of speculation about how ‘Call of Duty: Warzone’ would keep Verdansk’s map fresh, the giant stadium opens up after the game’s Season 5 update on Tuesday night. It’s a truly groundbreaking change, as a frustrating piece of the map without much depth turns into a fascinating but dangerous flash point of action.

There are several ways to enter the stadium – also from above – and more than one level to the structure.

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Here’s everything you need to know about navigating the stadium area:

Is the stadium in ‘Warzone’ open?

The season 5 trailer, included below, first revealed that the stadium is indeed open. In the trailer, the roof of the stadium is exploded by what looks like C4.

What does the inside of the ‘Warzone’ stadium look like?

The stadium has a football field, but there are a few trucks and canvas structures on the playing surface, meaning players will have a little coverage if they choose to go to the field itself. There are three levels of seating in the stadium that face each other, as well as indoor competitions.

Players can access the inside of the stadium from above by skydiving at the start of a game or after returning from the Gulag. The main entrances on the ground are the west entrance and the north entrance. There is an East Parking Lot that is open and a number of competitions and executive suites.

How do you get to the ‘Warzone’ stadium?

Before the season 5 update, players could walk around the outside of the stadium and see turnstiles, but couldn’t enter the perimeter. Now there are several ground level entrances in those spots.

Tips, strategy for the opening of the season 5 stadium

There will almost certainly be an insane amount of loot and contracts within the halls of the stadium to make up for the risk of entry, and the final circle will also take place inside the stadium from time to time. It seems that height gains will be important; The third level of the stadium seemingly offers a great line of sight on the site without too much exposure. Running across the field, on the other hand, can be an automatic death if there are multiple enemies in the stadium.

It will be interesting to see if the stadium becomes Boneyard 2.0 in terms of constant action, or if it is avoided until the end of the matches.

Season 5 release date, time

The Season 5 update will be released on August 5 at 2 a.m.

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