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Wallpaper Engine conquered animated wallpapers on Windows: now it aspires to repeat its success on Android

Within the world of customization in Windows there is an app that is well known: Wallpaper Engine. It is an app that for just four euros on Steam allows us put animated wallpapers, customize them to the extreme and even upload ours. It is a much loved app and more than 370,000 extremely positive reviews endorse it.

Not bad at all for an application whose stable version was released 15 months ago, but now the developers want to go further. How? Bringing live wallpapers to Android, as confirmed by the development team through a post on Steam.

Wallpaper Engine will be free on Android

As the Wallpaper Engine developers explain, the “companion app” for Android will be “available for free to all“However, users who also have it on Windows will be able to exploit it more, since they will be able to share their collection of wallpapers with their mobiles and tablets.

Why is it necessary to have the Windows app for that? Because access to Steam Workshop is not possible from Android. Therefore, it is necessary for the Wallpaper Engine app for PC to serve as a hub to export the wallpapers to another app, in this case the Android version.

In the words of the developers, Wallpaper Engine for Android will not have “any hidden costs or advertising and will not collect any personal dice.” In terms of functions, the wallpapers will be dynamic and can be customized, as can be done in the Windows version.

In that sense, some of the coolest features are setting up a wallpaper playlist, setting an FPS limit, import local videos and GIFs directly into the app to turn them into wallpapers and there will even be backgrounds that will react to the music we are listening to.

As for the release date, the developers hope that be ready by the end of October or beginning of November. The app, they say, is already stable, but they have to do some more tests before launch. What they do advance is that it will be necessary to have a mobile with Android 8.1 or higher.

Via | Steam