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VIP Desert Safari -A Tour Loaded With Luxuries

The Emirati wonder Dubai is one of the busiest tourist attractions throughout the world. It has treasures of nature as well as manmade wonders to showcase its majesty. From the azure of the ocean to the auric dunes, Dubai is brimmed with the richness of natural assets. VIP Desert safari Dubai is the ultimate stopover for the madcaps as it offers multiple opportunities. 


From trying out skiing on the sand dunes to smouldering shisha in the Bedouin camps, this place keeps bounties for all. Plan a private tour to the barren of Dubai if you wish to travel along with a good number of people. A private or VIP desert safari comes with hands-on facilities and lavish exposure to all happenings. Therefore, a trip with your squad, family, or colleagues would be more cherishable in a VIP desert safari. 


Now let’s see what it has to offer.

Overview of a Private Desert Safari in Dubai

  1. Pickup in a Luxurious Vehicle


Get started with an imperial pick-up in an off-road 4×4 luxurious car at your doorstep. The VIP guests of desert safari are seated in the comfortable seatings and air-conditioned setting of a land cruiser. The vehicle is driven by a professional off-road licensed driver who will make a well-run right from your hotel to the dunes of Arabia.


  1. Private Bedouin Camps 


The camps at desert safari are pitched with a lovely ambience. Their elegance defines the luxurious lifestyle of Araba even in the bygone era. These camps are of traditional themed inspired by the Bedouins lifestyle. Loaded with imperial curtains, rags, and cushions that reflect cosiness as soon as you enter these camps. Observe the widespread sand sea and its animated elements right from your very own camp. Your privacy is promised that for an instance you’ll feel like staying in a hotel room. That’s the magic of these traditionally themed caravansaries. 

  1. Extended Time for Quad Biking


Enjoy an extended period of driving terrain vehicles like a quad bike. A typical itinerary offers 15 minutes of quad biking or fat bicycling. But in a private expedition, you are allowed to manoeuvre a quad bike for half an hour. Quad bikes are safe to drive because these are embodied on wide heavy-duty tires. Along with that, these vehicles are loaded with safety kits and you’ll be provided with a set of instructions and safety precautions as well. So grab a quad bike and enjoy an extended period of drifting in the dunes of Dubai. 


  1. Extended Time for Dune Bashing


Awake a daredevil in you by getting seated in a roller coaster terrain ride. A VIP desert safari offers 30 to 40 minutes of dune bashing in which the riders experience the ultimate thrill on the terrain of Dubai. Dune bashing is a safe sand sport and takes place under the supervision of experts. The terrain SUVs facilitate a smooth and safe delivery on the rough sand surface.


This popular dune activity takes place by means of 4×4 terrain vehicles which could be a hummer, land cruiser, rover, a jeep wrangler, or dune buggies. So, go for dune bashing in your favourite vehicle and meet the thrill.


  1. A VIP Camel Safari


Navigate the camel to the farthest boundaries of the golden dunes. Camels are the imperial rides of the Arabian dynasty. Explore the archaic region on a perfect match i.e. its heritage ride. A camel ride is enjoyed by the visitors to an extent that it uncovers the hidden beauty of desert safari. It goes to the spots where a 4WD cant and thereby you have a chance to discover rare wildlife of a marshy habitat. Travel like a nomad in regal style and find yourself grounded among the still golden dunes.


  1. Sand Surfing Like a Pro


The extreme thrills and excursions of VIP desert safari in Dubai are not limited to dune bashing and quad biking. You can also grab a sandboard and hit the dunes like a steady surfer. This sand activity is super safe and handy. Not just that, you’ll end up with hysteric laughter upon racing along with your squad. Try balancing out on a sandboard and thereby experience floating on the sand ripples. Almost all itineraries offer sandboarding but unlike others, you’ll have an extended period to try this dune activity.


  1. The Succulent Servings


The saliferous taste of middle-eastern cuisines awaits you at the campsite after exhausting excursions. A VIP itinerary offers you to try out some delicious Arabian and international cuisines in the middle of this nomadic land. There is plenty of veg and non-veg items to swallow and hum on their flavours. The table service for the VIP guests is quick and facilitated with refreshing beverages as well. The pleasure would be so amazing that you would go for experience ten times in your life.


So rejoice yourself by the intake of Arabian coffee along with dates, tea, and soft drinks. Then there are Arabian Majalis set specially for the VIP guests. There you can listen to folk Bedouin stories while smouldering flavourful shisha. The series of non-stop pleasing events at desert safari is worth celebrating. 


  1. The Sparkling Live Stage


The colours of live entertainment at VIP desert safari are extremely vivid. The dance forms and stage art in the middle of the Arabian desert are super smashing to witness. The audience is amused by the depiction of Arabian artistry and culture. These include the traditional Tanura dance, thrilling fire dance, and stunning belly dance. All these dance forms are performed by amazing artists in the welcome of their VIP guests. Moreover, Arabian folk music is so harmonious to the ears that you’d always want to listen to more of it.




Being at a nomadic place can’t be this amazing until you encounter a private camping experience. VIP desert safari is a wanderer’s paradise because it offers a series of pleasing events to cherish for a lifetime. The lavish amusements like extended time for sand sport, private camps, and the royal cuisines are overwhelming to cover in a day. So make a move to desert safari via a VIP package and get into its amenities.