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How To Put Two Or More Videos Side by Side 2021

https://www.youtube.com/embed/qZ3GrKLuD6sMajority of the non-linear video editing software allow users to put two videos side-by-side. The effect of combining two or more videos and playing it in a synchronized style is known as the “Split Screen” effect. Lately the concept has become quite popular with the rising trend of making ‘reaction videos’, ‘before & after look videos’, ‘then and now clips’ and other ‘collaborative video collages’ (popular seen on Instagram with Remix Reel & on TikTok).
In case you are wondering how to join two or multiple videos together and turn them into one clip, we recommend using Wonder share Filmore Video Editor.

How To Use Wonder Share Filmore to Make Split Screen Video?

Wonder share Filmore Video Editor is one of the best editing software in the market that allows users to create visually stunning videos, all thanks to its full-fledged set of editing tools and impressive effects. It offers various split-screen presets that ensure professional output. Using this split-screen video editor is pretty straightforward and works like a charm to put 2 videos side by side and watch them on one-screen, simultaneously.
Apart from Wonder share Filmore, you can check out this top-notch list of 10 Best Free Split Screen Video Editor for Windows 10 to use in 2021!

Short on time? Watch this quick video tutorial to understand the full working of Fillmore?

This is how you can easily put two videos side-by-side!


STEP 1 = Download, install and launch Wonder share Filmore Video Editor on your system. The split-screen video editing program is available for both Windows and Mac operating systems.
STEP 2 = Create a new project for the Split Screen Video and hit the Import button to add two or more media files to the Media Library.
STEP 3 = Hit the Split Screen button, locate at the top of the screen and select your favorite template.

STEP 4 = Simply drag your chosen template into the timeline and hit the Advanced button to launch the video editing panel.
STEP 5 = From the new window that appears on the screen, you need to drag and drop the videos in the empty spaces of the screen.
STEP 6 = Once placed, you have the options for adjusting the video, audio, color, motion and other aspects to personalize your video according to your needs and preferences.
STEP 7 = Wonder share Filmore shows the Preview of your applied settings. Additionally, you can use the sliders of each video screen to alter the beginning of each clip. Filmore also offers the tool to add borders to the video.
STEP 8 = By default, the split-screen video editor has set the duration of 5 seconds for split screen, but you can adjust it from the above settings panel according to your preferences.
Wonder share Filmore Video Editor makes the entire process to put videos side by side effortless. It gives plenty of editing tools and options to perform functions like: Color correction, rotate the split screen as a whole, apply unique effects/filters, add motion effects, add sounds and do more. As soon as you are done editing, click the OK button to save the settings!

How To Put Two Videos Side by Side Online?

According to magazine hubs if you don’t want to install any additional utility on your device to make split-screen video, you can utilize an online tool for the purpose. We are using Fast reel by Movavi for this tutorial:
STEP 1 – Visit Fast reel by Movavi website and you’ll be welcomed by a step-by-step wizard to make you understand how the split-screen video editor works.
STEP 2 – At first, you need to select the desired template from the given options to get started.

STEP 3 – Now you need to put two videos together side-by-side. For that, you need click on the Upload File option. You can also add an image if you want. Fast reel supports following file formats: MP4, MOV, MKV, AVI, WMV, GIF, JPEG, PNG and more.
STEP 4 – After adding the clips, the app will automatically loop the shorter video, so that they can match the longer one, playing alongside. You have the ability to mute the audio track, according to your preferences!
STEP 5 – Once you are done. Hit the Export Result button to save the final output.
Although the online split screen video editor lacks editing tools and options to further refine your video, it is a great option for beginners to get started with the ongoing video trend. If you can spend a few bucks, we highly recommend using Wonder share Fillmore Video Editor. You can even check out these Best Free Split Screen Video Editor for Windows to explore the best bunch of options among the glut! 

 Q1. Which is the best split screen video app for iOS?
To put 2 videos side by side on iOS devices, you can try using iMovie or PicPlayPost Movie Video Editor. Both are free applications available to install from the official App Store.
Q2. Which is the best split screen video app for Android?
To put two or more videos together side by side on an Android smartphone, choose Vidstitch Frames for Instagram or Acapella. Both the applications are free to install from Google Play Store.
Q3. How do I make a split screen video for free?
You can choose the best online split screen video maker to put videos side by side without spending any penny. You can use platforms like Fast reel, pick from or Pixiko to get the job done.
Q4. Which is the best split screen video editor software for Windows & Mac?
Apart from Wonder share Fillmore, you can try using Lightworks, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro to combine two videos together side by side.