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Valorant Agent List: Abilities, Ultimates, and more from each character

Agents, take your points.

With Valorant hitting computers this summer, the game launches with 11 playable characters (called “Agents”) to choose from. But remember, the Riot Games team is working to expand the game effectively and as quickly as possible, which means more agents are coming soon. The most recent agent to have played the game is Killjoy, added to Act 2 of Valorant’s lifetime.

If some of these characters seem familiar to you, you’re not alone in thinking it. While the gameplay gets signals from Overwatch and Counterstrike, some of these characters are also likely to take inspiration from games like Rainbow Six: Siege in the way their skills are used.

So, if you’re a veteran of some of these first-person shooter games, chances are some of these characters look familiar and play to you – very familiar.

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Here’s what you need to know about all the known characters so far in this game, last updated for Act 2 (Update August 4):

Valorant lessons

As with many different FPS games, there are four different classes in “Valorant:” Duelist, Initiator, Sentinel and Controllers.

  • Duelists are the ones who move forward in conflict with the enemy team. Think of them as attackers.
  • Initiators focus on gathering information and help push the team.
  • Guardians are defenders, who usually play the back line of a team.
  • Controllers are good at blocking sightlines and generally support the team.

Valorant character traits

Each character in “Valorant” has four skills: one main skill delivered with the agent, the ultimate maneuver charged over time, and two more skills available for purchase during the pre-round buying period.

A good number of these skills are designed to slow down and prevent the enemy team from moving forward. Many of them are also Area of ​​Effect (AOE) attacks, damaging or affecting opponents within a selected radius.

As with ‘Overwatch’, an agent’s ultimate ability is charged over time and can be accelerated by submitting opponents. You can also pick up spheres all over the map which will help the ultimate charging.

Here’s what you need to know about each agent and their special skills.

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Valorant Agent list


  • Sky Smoke: You can select one or more points on a map that have a smoke grenade that obstructs view.
  • Orbital Strike (ultimate): Select an area on the map and a laser will damage everything within the radius of the explosion.
  • Stim Beacon (optional): An AOE combat pace that increases the rate of fire. Both teammates and enemies can use this.
  • Fire hazard (optional): A grenade launcher that fires a round with a fire hazard.


  • Paint shells: Throws a cluster grenade. Explodes and inflicts damage.
  • Showstopper (ultimate): Uses a rocket launcher to deal damage over a wide area.
  • Boom Bot (optional): Runs on the floor and later explodes and damages enemies.
  • Blast Pack (optional): Throws like Semtex grenades or C4. Can be activated.


  • Spy cam: Throws down a camera that can indicate where opponents are.
  • Neural theft (ultimate): Throws a device at dead opponents that can show where the enemy team is.
  • Trapwire (optional): A trip wire that slows enemies and reveals their location – invisible to the eyes of the enemy.
  • Cyber ​​Cage (optional): Drops an AOE screen that slows down opponents, obstructs vision and is signaled by an audio cue.


  • Wind down: Run in the direction you are moving.
  • Bladestorm (ultimate): Buy different knives you can throw at opponents – charge while getting killings.
  • Cloudburst (optional): Throw a projectile that will cast a sight-blocking cloud.
  • Updraft (optional): You can float and float around to otherwise inaccessible heights.


  • Dark cover: Fires a sphere that obstructs view; can be used in “phaser” mode or normal mode.
  • From the Shadows (ultimate): Can teleport to any point on the map. Can be interrupted by the enemy team and canceled mid-teleport.
  • Shrouded step (optional): Can teleport to a marked location.
  • Paranoia (optional): Fires a throw that can pass through walls and blind opponents.


  • Fraction line: Paid attack that can intoxicate players within the effect zone.
  • Rolling Thunder (ultimate): Fires an AOE attack that stuns opponents and hits them in the air, but does not damage them.
  • Aftershock (optional): Fires a charge through the wall, but takes a while to charge.
  • Flash point (optional): Fires a dazzling charge through walls, but takes a while to charge.


  • Toxic screen: Fire a wall of poison smoke.
  • Viper’s Pit (ultimate): Creates a large expanding poison ball around you.
  • Snake Bite (optional): Fires a poisonous pool that damages opponents.
  • Poison Cloud (optional): Throws down a cloud of poison gas that can be activated later.


  • Hot hands: Creates a fire zone that damages enemies.
  • Run it Back (ultimate): Place a marker on the floor to which you can teleport.
  • Blaze (optional): Creates a flame wall that causes damage and obstructs vision.
  • Curve ball (optional): Essentially a controllable flash grenade. It dazzles both enemies and teammates.


  • Healing Orb: Fire this at an ally to heal them. Not immediately, but heals over time.
  • Resurrection (ultimate): Can revive teammates.
  • Barrier Orb (optional): Place a solid wall.
  • Slow Orb (optional): AOE skill that slows down opponents.


  • Recon Bolt: Fires a tracking arrow that reveals player locations within a specific area.
  • Hunter’s Fury (ultimate): Fires three shots that can pierce walls and damage opponents.
  • Owl Drone (optional): Flies a reconnaissance drone and can shoot down enemies with a flare.
  • Shock Bolt (optional): Hits enemies with a shock arrow that can bounce off walls.


  • Reject: Devours a nearby soul globe to become intangible. When her ultimate is active, she can also become invisible.
  • Empress (ultimate): Increases rate of fire, gear, reload speed and adds infinite soul-generating skills
  • Leather (optional): A throw that causes “nearsightedness” to opponents, limiting their sight.
  • Devour (optional): Can devour a soul globe and heal itself. Can also overheat, but is time sensitive.


  • Turret: Fires at enemies within its 180 degree field of view.
  • Lockdown (Ultimate): Set a trap that will hold all enemies for eight seconds. Delays enemies caught within the skill.
  • Alarm bot (optional): A bot that damages an opponent when it enters its AOE and leaves opponents open to double damage.
  • Nanoswarm (option): Throw a high-damage grenade within a relatively large AOE.

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