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Valorant Act 2 Battle Pass: new skins and everything else you need to know

Valorant Act 2 falls today (August 4) and with that comes the release of a new Battle Pass.

As with Fortnite, players with the Battle Pass can purchase a season-long (or in this case an Act-long) pass for exclusive in-game content. While the content does not offer a competitive advantage, some players like the features that come with the purchase of a Battle Pass.

A feature, which we will go into in more detail later, are skins. But there is so much more to it than just skins that come with a Battle Pass for Valorant.

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Valorant Act 2 Battle Pass

Players who purchase the Battle Pass in Valorant Act 2 will receive weapon skins, weapon friends, sprays, player cards, player titles, and Radianite Points. The Battle Pass costs 1,000 Valorant points (or about $ 10) and can be purchased in-game. Although you don’t get the cosmetic items right away. You still have to make your way through the ranks and once you reach certain milestones you unlock the exclusive cosmetic items.

Valorant Act 2 Battle Pass skins

The Act 2 Battle Pass skins are named Hivemind, POLYfox and Red Alert.

“We wanted to add more variety to the weapon skins so that a player who never buys store skins (and only wants to buy the Battle Pass) still feels they are getting some variation,” said Valorant Art Lead Sean Marino in a press release . “Overall, we had a lot more fun developing this Battle Pass because it feels more realistic – like developing the community pass – and it helps us slowly get better at designing the content, too.”

Marino continued.

“It should have a lot of value at the $ 10 price point,” he said. “Before the Act II pass, we decided to look much more at how the community reacted to the quality of the Act 1 content. What cosmetics made players most happy? What do they want to see more of? Did players feel there was enough variation to express ourselves? We tried to include some things the community asked for (bring back the chicken spray!), add more variety (less food related friends), create more fun friends (the toaster and the cat were popular ), and build some of the Act I content (like more Tactibear). “

What is Glitchpop in Valorant Act 2?

Glitchpop is a new skin pack in Valorant, but has nothing to do with the Battle Pass.

The Glitchpop skins are available for the Frenzy pistol, the Judge shotgun, the Odin LMG, the Bulldog rifle and a contact weapon. It also includes a glitch pop card, gun buddy and spray.

The Glitchpop skin bundle costs 8,700 Valorant points (about $ 90).

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