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UWB technology will be the protagonist in the Pixel 6, which will even serve to open your car

Google wanted to avoid a torrent of leaks a few days ago when it offered some details of its imminent Pixel 6. We know what its design will be and what the promising new Tensor chips, but there are still unknowns in many sections.

Now its registration with the FCC has revealed that these smartphones will arrive with WiFi 6E connectivity, but also with UWB technology support. That raises potential rivals for Apple’s AirTags, but also other options such as use your mobile as a key to open the car.

Ultra-wideband technology gains interest

Short distance connectivity standards such as Bluetooth or NFC have already proven their usefulness and popularity in various fields, but little by little ultra-wideband (UWB) technology is gaining a foothold in the market.

It is doing this mostly thanks to its locating capabilities of increasingly popular UWB beacons like Apple’s AirTags, but this technology has even more applications than we could start to see in operation soon much more frequently.

One of them is the opening of the car with the mobile, something for which UWB is especially well prepared thanks to its security features. Google’s interest in UWB in this area is clear, and we already learned in May how Android 12 would allow using the mobile as a car key.

That therefore may be one of the most striking functions of the new Pixel 6, which now that they have passed through the FCC have confirmed the presence of this type of UWB connectivity. It seems that there will be several models of the Pixel 6 and the support of Wi-Fi 6E or UWB will be different depending on the variant, but what is clear is that these technologies will be the protagonists in these new Google smartphones.

Vía | XDA-Developers