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US equity futures are up before the big profit week

US stock index futures rose late on Sunday ahead of a busy week of earnings. From Midnight Eastern, Dow Jones Industrial Average futures YM00,
+ 0.53%
were up about 130 points, or 0.5%, just like S&P 500 futures ES00,
+ 0.51%
and Nasdaq-100 futures NQ00,
+ 0.72%,
with all three recovering from early session lows. Shares sank Friday, and for the week the Dow DJIA,
0.8% lower, the S&P 500 SPX,
fell 0.3%, and the Nasdaq COMP,
lost 1.3%. About 180 of the S&P 500 companies will report quarterly results this week, including Alphabet CreatieveL,
Amazon AMZN,
+ 0.74%,
Apple AAPL,
and Facebook FB,
On Thursday, the United States Department of Commerce will publish Q2 GDP data, with economists expecting an unprecedented contraction of 33% due to the coronavirus pandemic.