Universal Orlando reopens: what you need to know

ORLANDO, Fla. – The Universal Orlando theme parks will reopen to the public this week after being closed for two months due to the coronavirus pandemic.

What you need to know

  • Universal Orlando reopens parks with new measures

  • Face masks, temperature controls required

  • Visitors can expect some changes in the amusement park experience

At the reopening, visitors can expect some changes. Universal has implemented new health and safety measures in response to the ongoing pandemic.

Many of the procedures CityWalk first introduced when it reopened last month have been introduced into the parks, including staggered parking, two-meter social queue distance, temperature checks, and mandatory face masks. This is what visitors need to know before they go.


Face masks and temperature controls are required for both workers and visitors. Anyone with a temperature of 100.4 degrees or higher is not allowed to enter the parks.

Before the security check, temperature checks are carried out in the parking garage. Visitors do not have to undergo a new check at the entrances to the park.

Masks must be worn throughout the visit. The exceptions are when eating, drinking or during a water ride. Signage about the new measures, including the mask requirement, is plentiful.


While reservations are not necessary when the parks reopen to the public on June 5, visitors should be aware that they will be operating with reduced capacity. While officials have not provided a specific number, the capacity is likely to be less than 40 percent to assist with social distance.


Universal expands the number of attractions that offer virtual queues. This will help reduce the number of physical queues in the parks.

Popular attractions like Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure only have the virtual line option. Visitors can reserve a return time in the Universal Orlando mobile app.

Other journeys offer only standby or a combination of standby and virtual line.


In addition to social distance markings through the parks, Universal will spread visitors across all attractions. In some cases, the distance may mean that seats or rows are left empty. For example, The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man had riders on every other row. Some riders got their own row.


Universal employees are more likely to clean high-touch areas. Additional hand disinfection dispensers have been installed in the parks as part of the new health measures.

Employees will also provide hand sanitizer to visitors when entering restaurants and before visiting attractions.


To reduce contact between employees and visitors, Universal has mobile orders available in its restaurants. The Universal Orlando mobile app indicates which restaurants participate in mobile ordering.


For visitors who are concerned about spending all day in a Florida theme park in the summer wearing face masks, Universal has a solution. Universal has set up ‘U-Rest Areas’ in the parks. In these designated areas, visitors can take a break and remove their face masks. They have to keep social distance.

The “U-Rest Areas” are marked by clear signage.