Underwater Adventures Resume at Aquarium of Niagara

Underwater Adventures Resume at Aquarium of Niagara

For over 100 days, the Niagara aquarium is closed. From Tuesday, members can say hello to the sea lions, sharks, and the latest additions to the aquarium.

You will be asked to wear a mask and follow the flow.

What you need to know

  • Aquarium of Niagara reopens on Tuesday June 30

  • The general public can dive into the underwater adventure from July 4

  • Masks are mandatory

  • It is strongly recommended to purchase tickets online for a reserved time slot

“We want to make it very easy,” said Gary Siddall, Executive Director of the Aquarium of Niagara. “We don’t want this to interfere with your visitor experience, but we need to protect everyone.”

To say the months of closing the aquarium was challenging is an understatement.

“Hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost revenue, and when you add that up over a three to four month period, those numbers are really significant,” Siddall said. “And that money is being used to take care of our animals.”

But Siddall says they just kept swimming and used the time to give the facility a facelift.

“We’ve made some improvements to spaces like our main entrance and our second floor event space, so we took the opportunity to take out some of those projects while we were closed,” Siddall explained.

However, some projects, such as M&T Banks Shark and Ray Bay, are still under construction. It would already be open.

You have to wait until autumn to gain experience. What you will first see in person are Alpha and Beta, the newest additions to the aquarium. They were born in April and don’t have much experience with many people or cameras, hence their curious faces.

Other new aquarium features are designed to keep your small school safe.

“We’ve tried to keep our graphics vibrant and interactive, so hopefully you can have fun moving through the building,” said Siddall. “Follow the flow, the fish, whatever you want to say.”

The aquarium will operate at 25 percent capacity, so grab those tickets quickly.

They can be found online and are sold in half-hour increments. Members are only until July 4. If you’re sad about the extra wait, don’t do that. It gives Mira and company more time to perfect their new show for you.

“We had a small group watch the show and the animals were definitely taken by surprise and surprised to see people again,” said Siddall. “We can’t say this for sure without asking them, but it sure looks like they’re enjoying it.”

If you also want to spend more time with the Aliens of the Sea, you can! That’s because the aquarium is extended to 9pm on Fridays and Saturdays and to 7pm the rest of the week.