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Unagi has the most complete electric scooter to date: double motor, full suspension and even driver assistance

The maker of Unagi electrical patents has a new model ready to go on the market, the Model Eleven. From an electric patient we simply expect a decent autonomy and at most to be able to connect it to the smartphone. This one goes much further than that, packed with technology that can even detect potholes and obstacles in real time. Of course, for a price that starts at 2,440 US dollars.

With the Model Eleven from Unagi it seems to have bet everything on electric scooters in order to get the most complete model of all. All this technology that it also brings is contained in a particularly pleasant exterior design. Swiss designer Yves Béhar has been in charge of the design team that has created the Model Eleven. It stands out for its compact design, in carbon and with a full suspension on both wheels.

Technology in the Unagi Model Eleven

In the more technical section, the electric scooter brings a huge amount of functionalities and capabilities. Technologies that are not generally seen in electric scooters or if they do not so many in the same model. For example, bring a driver assistance system that detects upcoming obstacles in real time by means of a front camera and alerts the user if he does not see them. Another one of the many ways to reduce the dangers with electric scooters.


The scooter, in case of danger, can alert through its LED screen on the handlebar or through the built-in speaker. The display isn’t limited to that though, it also allows navigating Google Maps (which is built into the scooter) and get directions to certain places. Meanwhile, the loudspeaker also gives audio guidance on navigation.


As for the most basic aspects, the Model Eleven will allow five different driving modes and one maximum speed of 30 kilometers per hour, far from the 100 km / h that eSkootr promises. It has for this with two motors of 250 W of power. The autonomy for its part has a limit of about 25 kilometers in optimal conditions. Autonomy obtained from a 67.7 W capacity battery and remove it to quickly change it for another if we do not have time to charge it.

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The last aspect is the price, perhaps the most inconvenient point of all. And it is that Unagi’s Model Eleven part of a price of US $ 2,440 for the most basic version. Version that does not include, for example, the obstacle detection system, for this model you have to pay a total of 2,860 US dollars. If someone wants to get the cheapest scooter, the first to reserve it through the Indiegogo campaign will have discounts.

Via | Engadget