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Ultra-fast charging is Realme’s big bet for 2022: we will (finally) have a mobile that will charge at 125 W

In Realme they did not fulfill their initial promise. When they presented their UltraDART fast charging technology in July 2020, they did so ensuring that there would be a mobile with support for that technology in August of that year.

There was not then, and more than a year later that mobile still does not appear. However, in Realme now they assure that this smartphone will appear next year, and of course load at 125 W will be one of the key arguments of a device that will apparently be the most ambitious in the history of the company.

Will 2022 be the year of ultra-fast charging?

The UltraDART technology that I really showed then demonstrated a really fantastic charging speed: in the used prototype, with 4,000 mAh battery, 33% of it could be loaded in just 3 minutes.

The system is prepared to maximize the conversion ratio (98%, hardly any energy is lost in the process) and temperature control, which, thanks to the use of a conductive gel and a graphite layer system, do not rise above 40 ° C.

It will be interesting to see if that ends up having collateral effects on the degradation of the lithium of the batteries used in these mobiles, but the truth is that in Realme seem to finally be ready to launch a smartphone that takes advantage of this technology.

This was assured by Madhav Sheth, CEO of the company in Europe, who revealed that the company is preparing to launch an “ultra-premium flagship” which will be part of the GT family – the latest member of that family is the recent GT Neo2 – and which will be equipped with UltraDART technology for fast charging.

No more details of the future terminal are known, but it seems that Realme will take a step forward from its traditional philosophy to offer a great price / performance ratio and will turn a bit to terminals that are probably more expensive but that will be able to boast, for example, that ultra-fast charge.

Vía | XDA-Developers